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⊙ You Won't Believe How We Spent Goldbacks Today!

Published on 16 Mar 2022 / In Other

In this Goldback spending series we talk about spending Goldbacks. In this episode we go get lunch at a local restaurant and then shop at the local hardware store! There is a list of businesses on the Goldback website that are pre-approved to use Goldbacks at. Using Goldbacks as a currency is the intent of the Goldback. When it comes to spending Goldbacks about 50% of small businesses will accept them when you are talking to the business owner. Goldbacks can be used right now for barter and will able to able to be used in a SHTF situation. One thing that sets Goldbacks apart from other currencies is the fact that they are backed by the gold they contain and the fact that they are able to be spent in small amounts. The states that currently have Goldbacks are as follows: Utah Goldbacks, Nevada Goldbacks, New Hampshire Goldbacks. The Wyoming Goldbacks and the South Dakota Goldbacks are coming soon as well as Goldbacks in many other states. If you are wanting more information on spending Goldbacks then go to the Goldback website to find the current value and where to purchase them for yourself.

Goldback Website:

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