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Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In Other

⁣Social Media Platform Welcomes Users Looking For Networking Without Bias

Brief: A social media marketing platform is positioning itself as the answer to users looking for an option that values free speech.

Our Freedom Book is working to build up more users by highlighting their clear commitment to freedom of speech. The social network was set up with this concept firmly in mind and has never strayed from defending this idea.

In recent years, freedom of speech online has been called into question and put in jeopardy. The owner of Our Freedom Book has recognized this and recently witnessed the mass exit of users from big name social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As these users leave their previously favored social networks many will be looking for a new place to talk to their friends, family members, and coworkers that values freedom of speech. Our Freedom Book hopes to be the obvious answer.

The unbiased platform is working with its community to provide the absolute best solution. The owner is aware that many people these days no longer trust social media or the information that is published on their platforms. This includes details on global health concerns, data, and safety measures that are available. Videos are being censored and posts are being removed completely simply because they do not agree with the main consensus.

On Our Freedom Book, users can gain access to the full social networking experience without needing to worry about their channels being censored. Many of the features available through Our Freedom Book are similar or identical to those provided by big names. The social network, originally developed in 2017 is growing rapidly and the owner believes a key reason for this is their fundamental commitment to protecting free speech for everyone, rather than just a selection of users.

About Our Freedom Book

Our Freedom Book was set up and 100% self funded by owner David Lipsky. Based and operating in New York, USA, the social network was conceived around the concept of free speech. David recognized the trends and warning signs that true free speech could be in jeopardy. As well as offering an innovative solution to social networking, the company is completely transparent with its back end operations. The business also strives to give back to their communities and is working on constantly building up a larger following. David has witnessed the action taken by major players in the social media world to restrict free speech. He is ready to fight back with the right alternative.

More information on Our Freedom Book can be found on the business website. Alternatively, the owner of the social network can be contacted using the information provided below.

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