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Why I HAVEN'T yet taken the COVID VACCINE

Published on 04 May 2021 / In How-to & Style

Looking for information on immunity and the COVID Vaccine? In this video, Dr. James Marcum shares "Why I haven't yet taken the covid vaccine" and provides a unique perspective on Christian faith and the COVID Vaccine, including thoughts on prevention through boosting immune function, the importance of quick treatment, the need to identify and protect high-risk segments of our population, research studies on this topic, and insights on how acquired immunity and antibodies play a role. God desires healing in your life, let's let Him work!

This video series isn't telling you whether or not to take the vaccine, but rather providing guidance to help lead you to an informed decision if you have had COVID, as you're led by the Holy Spirit. We pray that God intervenes and speaks to your heart, leading you down the path He's laid out for you.

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