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We'll Own Nothing and Be Happy_ The Great Reset of American Property _ Glenn TV _HD

Jess Sosnoski
Published on 20 May 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣We'll Own Nothing and Be Happy? The Great Reset of American Property | Glenn TV | Ep 110

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cbee373af 8 months ago

i just had a person in my car repair shop that told me 3 weeks ago he got the injection because the apartment building he lives in made him get it or he had to leave, and he is in fact magnetic at the injection area, and i did test him with my car tools and it is putting out a electro radiation, just like a micro chip in dogs and cats, it is in fact transmitting a electric signal, now yes humans naturally have this but i took a reading from me and different parts of the body of the injected person, and when my meter gets to his injected spot, the meter spikes up, i think this magnetic silicone is acting like a filter in the blood and pulling out all the iron in the blood, the human body needs iron to transport oxygen to all the body, he did tell me about 3 days later he suddenly feels very tired, like a slow kill is happening to him, i think this magnetic silicone is really pulling out the iron in the body, he told me, he did get the J&J injection, i am in springfield illinois, this freaked him out, those videos of people holding magnets to the arm are real, girls that get the silicone breast implants and they leak, that silicone is poison to organic things,

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