All Users - As many of you know. LuupOnline  / Freedomtube has been soley funded by our founder. For the last three years, we have generated less revenue than it costs to keep our site up and running. We will never sell your data.

During this financial turmoil that our government has caused - unfortunately unless more of our users step up to become 'pro' users, the site is scheduled to go off line May 28th.

We have a full customer service, IT company & our own hosting facility.

We hope that we are able to continue serving you, otherwise it's been a pleasure, the last few years have been a wild ride!


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⊙ Use Vibby To Highlight and Share Video Selections

Published on 04 Apr 2022 / In How-to & Style is a great resource for educators to highlight and select/share only certain parts of a longer video found online. Watch this video to learn how.This video was created in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for IDT 9003 Instructional Models & Tools for Online Learning, Baker University, Spring 2019Three Minute Video: Create a video describing and demonstrating one innovative methodology or technology that you were unfamiliar with prior to this course but now will add it to your repertoire. Baker University faculty use Panopto for this purpose. You may use whatever video producing application suits your video. See the Moodle module for suggestions.Courses outcomes:2. Compile, and apply the principles of e-Learning design, including: (ibstpi 1. 8, 9, 10)a. Multimedia principlesb. Contiguity principlesc. Modality principlesd. Redundancy principlese. Coherence principlesf. Personalization principlesg. Segmenting and pre-training principlesh. Worked example principlesi. Practice principlesj. Learner control principlesk. Thinking skills principlesl. Games and simulations principles3. Formulate and utilize evidence-based practice. (ibstpi 1. 9, 10)4. Choose and interpret relevant research in e-learning. (ibstpi 9)5. Discuss the MRE and TEC-Variety models for creating and facilitating online activities. (ibstpi 1. 8, 9)

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Freebound1 1 year ago

Not compatible with Our Freedom Tube. Hopefully Support can fix that some day.

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