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Unmasked. Government And The Great Covid Lie.

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Masks are being shamelessly used by our Governments as a Political prop. Masks are being used as a reminder of a frightening scourge enveloping us and Mandates are a tool of subjugation. There is ample scientific evidence that masks don't protect wearers from Covid19; and yet learned Public Health Officers, professional lobby groups and conflicted media perpetrate the Government lie.

From Sheep Station Creek in Queensland to Los Angeles County, mask hysteria rules.

It is simply cruel to force the elderly and young children to wear masks. Individuals should be free to choose, but Public Health officials should focus instead on the real risks of extended and unhygienic use of face masks and how to properly treat Covid-19.

Dr Babak Amin is a Consultant Anaesthetist with experience in the fields of Onco-Anaesthesia, major plastics, ENT, colorectal and robotic urological surgery. He has expertise in Peri-Operative Medicine and Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing, as well as in optimising complex and frail patients prior to major surgery. He has completed many specialist courses such as the Difficult, Fibre-Optic and Surgical Airway courses.

Dr Amin has an ardent passion for health care innovation and is involved in developing and investigating Artificial Intelligence monitoring systems in critical care medicine. He is also passionate about medical education, and routinely teaches anaesthesia registrars, medical students and nurses.

Asia Pacific Today. 21 July, 2021

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