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The Media Virus - Ben

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Truth Trucks - "Media are the Virus" - Australia

Published on 04 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Share Link: https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/QYEl4T
⁣The key phrase that resonates :⁣"Media are the Virus"

It appears there are ways to get around the Media (and Government) Block of Information to the people.

It is said this will scare the TGA headed by ⁣Adjunct Professor John Skerritt - who appears to be the key body (and person) responsible for obstructing the life saving Covid19 treatments that include Hydroxycholoroquine It has been said "we all know it works" - "none of us are fooled any more by the Fraudulent Lancet publication on Hydroxychloroquine that the Lancet was forced to retract".
"None of us are fooled by references to studies using overdoses and timing of medication that is too late conducted and constructed by the UK's Oxford Univeristy (Another Gates Funded institution that ALSO holds massive holdings in Vaccitech ;a Covid19 Vaccine technology orientated company)."

it seams the truth will come out and the truth is coming out.

There are those that say "It is time for those who hid the truth to pay; they have cost Australian lives, Australian livlihoods , Australia's way of life, the Education of Australian children and the peace of mind for all - and tosethat hid the truth did so to serve their own economic and political gain."

Scott Morrisson, All State Premiers, All Cheif Medical Officers - does this scare you?.
Are there also crooked judges involved in supporting the suppression of society and truth that shoulds be scared ?.

Should this scare: The National Clincial Evidence Task Force - Headed by ⁣Associate Professor Julian Elliott – Monash University - (Another Gates Funded Institution) who have recommended against Prophylactic and Early Treatments of Covid 19 using Hydroxychloroquine AND Ivermectin - Against what most would say are overwhelming bodies of evidence currently avaialble.
Should ⁣Martin Foley MP ; the man who's name appears on a Poisons classification on Hydroxychloroquine be scared ?
It has been said "ANYONE can look at ⁣https://hcqmeta.com/ and ⁣https://ivmmeta.com/
Only morons or **believers** would ignore this level of evidence."

For more on the Morons and "believers"

See: ⁣https://rumble.com/vht6xx-2021....0523-dr.-simone-gold

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