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Toxins in the First Seal of Revelation- Greek Toxon + Conquering and to Conquer

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Published on 06 Mar 2022 / In Other

⁣⁣The narrative on the bird flu is changing by the hour.... sound
familiar? This is not limited to one country, with over 40 countries
reporting "cases," WHO declarations, and now the UN is involved. If
nothing else, this is destroying the food supply.... but I suspect it
will be much more than that. Of course, we're only keeping an eye on it
to protect ourselves and our sweet chickie gals (and a very protective

In this video, I share a thorough study of the
etymology of the Greek word toxon, including a brief discussion of
toxicon. We also look at Five Geeee in prophecy and discuss conquering
and to conquer, and examine the the belief that toxon means
poison-tipped arrows. Remember: Strong's Concordance is not inspired by

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06b55bc51 3 months ago

Also, he was given the crown. Maybe by God, which means it is a setup for the evil Chiron (Look it up, seriously) which is the centaur which was poisoned and is a medic is the horseman, plus it is the name of the company which owns the patent for the SARS-virus.

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06b55bc51 3 months ago

Toxon can also mean arc, or curve. Like in "Flatten the curve"

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