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THIS Is Their ENDGAME - Good Citizen Bands

Published on 12 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Following China's example
Good Citizen QR Coding

Those funneled into Clinical Trial Vaccines by the blocket Early Treatments and a Media led "Project Idiot Censorship" get the prvilidge of a good citizen passport.

But beware sheep... Those vaccinated with the clinical trial vaccines are thought to be "shedding" spike proteins.
And this is not science fiction - the Vaccine Manufacturers themselves know Adverse Events are a possibility for people that come into contact with Vaccinated - it is in their own paperwork
⁣See Pages 67 (Exposure During Pregnancy including during conception) & 69 (Exposure during Breast Feeding)


If you elect to be digitized it may be to help those that were not vaccinated to stay clear of you if it can be seen you are a carrier of potentially shedding Spike proteins that can cuase others!

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