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There Is No Help In SHTF | Police Are Already Leaving | Protect Yourself

Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In How-to & Style

There Is No Help In SHTF | Police Are Already Leaving | Protect Yourself
Police are leaving their jobs all over the country. The current political climate has created a shortage. Prepare to protect yourself as we are on our own!

Even when we are not living through a large scale SHTF event, we're already witnessing a mass exodus of police from their posts. They have realized that the lack of support and anti-police sentiment around the country has created a dangerous situation for them and their families. We are already seeing the affects of this now and can use these examples to better prepare ourselves for future emergencies. Part of emergency preparedness is knowing that you wont have any help during SHTF from any kind of service. There also lies another danger when it comes to the police shortages we are seeing now. The solution. There are states right now like Utah that are changing the rules to allow for legal immigrants with work visas or permanent resident cards to become police. This is fine when it comes to hiring people with experience that have a lot to offer the department they choose to work for. But, it can also be abused to plant certain groups of people into police forces around the country. We already know one country in particular wants to expand their global policing. Especially here in the states.

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