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The Best Homesteading Books and Websites + Foraging, Tips and Tricks, Gardening with Disabilities, a

Non Toxic Home
Published on 04 Apr 2022 / In Other

⁣We've been asked for tips, tricks, and resources in regards to homesteading: gardening, animal husbandry/ animal care, foraging, etc. Well, I have a stack to share with you and numerous tips, my friends! Don't listen to the propaganda machine!

For a primer to begin researching changing climates and crazy pants weather, see this article for links to a lecture from a professor emeritus, Wikipedia hijinks, etc.:

Also see this incredibly well-cited book, Under an Ionized Sky:

Additionally, if you are inclined towards exploring prophecy, we have many videos posted on prophecy!

Also in this video:- The best free online resources on these topics- Why master gardening certification is NOT the answer- Don't be afraid of failure!- Gardening with disabilities- A "noxious weed" you should grow!- Why I don't recommend raising chickens at this time- Why solar power is not the answer

Please do listen to the video as I do have top pics and, naturally, nearly all books do share propaganda. Believe it or not, these are my top picks- there are many stacks that did not make the cut!

HOMESTEADING/PERMACULTURE/GARDENING BOOKS:The Encyclopedia of Country Living (40th Anniversary): Holzer's Permaculture: Resilient Farm and Homestead: the Woods: Winter Harvest Handbook: to Basics:'s Garden: Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It: Pastured Rabbits for Meat:

FORAGING BOOKS:Foraging for Survival: Wild Plants: Foraging: of the Upper Midwest:

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Get 15% off all products at Redmond with code "nontoxichome." We love their sea salt and bentonite clay!

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