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TGA Data - How to Review Covid19 Vaccine "Coincidences" against ALL approved Vaccines.

Published on 02 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

Using ONLY the TGA websites we get to see just how the Covid19 Vaccines are the leading cause of TGA Coincidences
Share Link: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/TOVthj
It took 50 years on the TGA Adverse Events reporting to come up with 59 Coincidental Deaths from Vaccines (Properly approved Vaccines)
It took 5 months on ⁣the TGA Adverse Events reporting to come up with 407 Coincidental Deaths ⁣from Experimental Covid19 Vaccines (Provisionally approved Vaccines)
And the TGA has stares this in the face; insulting the dead family members that reported these events by stating about 1 percent of them can be "confirmed" as being caused by the Vaccines.

It is a growing common knowledge that hospitals and Doctors are brushing off side effects and failing to report side effects; even deaths that are clearly "coincidental" to the TGA's adverse reaction system. As such these Doctors and Hospitals become increasing liable for the deaths and injuries of those that take the vaccines , that would not have taken them but for the cover up or malfeasance of the Doctors that decide not to report the "coincidence".

From a study of mature VAERS Data (to the end of January 2021 - where the TGA has caught up with the reports)
There were 2754 "reported" Deaths after 49.22 Million Experimental Vaccine Doses.
This equates to the need to "report" a death every 8936 full vaccinations

Don't be fooled by double talk from Health Authorities that use language like "confirmed" deaths; the relative danger of these vaccines can not be argued away with deceptive words; to do so is to make a mockery of the reporting system and its 50 years' worth of records.

John Skerrit is responsible for the TGA and directly responsible for the provisional approval of these experimental vaccines.
He is fully aware of the emerging dangers of these vaccines and now the failed efficacy of the vaccines as is clear from Israeli, UK , Iceland and US Data.
Further he is fully aware of early treatment protocols that Doctors around the world are using and reporting major success.
⁣Worse still, John Skerrit is responsible for the continued scheduling decision of his TGA to classify
Hydroxychloroquine as a Poison (after 50 years of extra-ordinary safe use; it becomes a poison - some say to make way for a Vaccine only solution) ; taking away his fellow Australian's treatment options and funnelling them into an uninformed and coerced consent of novel technology experimental vaccines.

Vaccines with gaping holes in short term safety; having never been tested on Children, the Elderly, Pregnant or the Immune Compromised yet pushed/recommended onto them all by the TGA.
Vaccines with NO medium term safety data; we have no idea what the circulating spike
proteins will do to the Ovaries ,the Testes the Brain and other areas and organs of the body where it is now known that the spike proteins circulate and concentrate for a number of weeks.
We have no Safety Data for the Long term effects - foetal development - future fertility - Primed Immune Response - NONE have been ruled out with ANY safety data.

⁣With Clive Palmer about to take Prime Minister Scott Morrison to court; it looks like it is could be on
the cards for Negligent Manslaughter charges to be levelled at the TGA's front man - John Skerritt for letting things continue for so long presumably to satisfy the proponents of a Vaccine led magic bullet to let everyone out of their intermittent cages.

Anyone doubting the Video and how the table was created here are the urls as used in order:

⁣The URLs in order:


⁣Share Link: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/TOVthj

As of August 2021 - the seemingly State Run Media is still refusing to allow ANY discussion of early covid19 treatments saving lives around the world.
The National ⁣Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task force headed by Associate Professor Julian Elliott has failed to do anything but make negative recommendations and fuel fear inthe Australian Community
Their failure to recognise even the slightest possibility that the thousands of Doctors around the world successfully using Early Treatments might have something to offer Australia is negligent in the eyes of many ; perhaps negligent manslaughter worthy.
Here's what they could easily have recommended if they were not committed to Experimental Vaccines and towing the line of vaccine proponents:
Please download it - show it to your doctor as your doctor why hasn't he got a plan like this; is it because there's no supporting evidence.....
Some idiots will refuse to look at the papers on it and say "who wrote these web pages up"
Simple answer - the thousands of authors involved in the hundreds of peer reviewed papers that it references, papers that anyone can find themselves if they want to do the legwork ; perhaps on Pubmed...
Try these links
Would these discenring early treatment skeptics also want to question the web developers of Pubmed ?

When will more people wake up to the corruption that is the Mainstream Media working with Vaccine Proponents all in unison to push the jabs even deeper into the Experimental public and to create vaccine "believers" - so many people already have seen through the "state run" Media...

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858f5b734 1 year ago

The TGA hid the reported deaths data for 3 months! Why? https://bit.ly/-TGA-COVIDvax-Graphs

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