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Should Christians Observe the Sabbath, Feast Days, and Ten Commandments

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Published on 13 Dec 2021 / In Other

⁣Were the feast days nailed to the cross? Should we observe the feasts
today? Are the 10 commandments in the New Testament? Should we still
follow the 10 commandments? And what about the Sabbath?? Should we
observe the Sabbath today, and if so, can we pick a day for the Sabbath?

There is a lot of emotion and false doctrine on all sides of these
topics, so let's simply examine what scripture tells us without bringing
emotion and previous beliefs into this deep Bible study!

Please listen to the entire video as many scriptures are addressed!

NOTE: We actually did not record a previous video regarding the feasts
but rather we mentioned them very briefly in a couple of videos.

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