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Shameless Australian Government Covid19 Fear Campaign - Advertisement : 10-Jul-2021

Published on 11 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

Australian's are seeing first-hand the influence of the proponents of
Covid19 Experimental Vaccines.
⁣Share Link:⁣⁣ https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/v7fxDy
They influence, Health Authorities, Academia, Government, Mainstream Media and Social Media.

Unparalleled levels of control and censorship are being placed onto Australians
and their Doctors; This is also mirrored around the world.

People can get around the censorship to hear what the real Covid19 Front Line Doctors are
saying about Anti-Viral Medications and Experimental Vaccines.

With Governments spending a fortune of the people’s money on Media why would
the Mainstream Media upset their gravy train or give any air time to Doctors with
a message different to “their sponsors”.

These Doctors demonstrate how safe off patent medications can be used in
multi-drug protocols as SAFE and effective prophylaxis and early treatment.

These doctors see the unprecedented level of Adverse Effects and Deaths from
Novel Technology mRNA vaccines that are still in their clinical trial phase.

These Doctors understand the Pandora’s box that has been opened by mass vaccinations
using vaccines with limited short term safety data – data that does NOT include
children, the elderly, immune compromised or the Pregnant.

These Doctors understand the Pandora’s box that has been opened by mass vaccinations
using vaccines with ZERO Medium or Long Term safety data.

These Doctors see medicine being turned on its head where it Health
Authorities and Government are dictating how to treat patients rather than the

What can the average person do about it; they can make an effort to be informed

beyond what the Government, Health Authorities, Mainstream Media or Big Tech
are willing to show them.

Then the individual can know what treatments should be available, what the true
risks (if any) are to them from Covid19 and be in a much better position to provide
INFORMED consent should they choose to participate in the Clinical Trial or
mRNA vaccines.

⁣Your Health Ministers, Your Health Officers, Your Politicians and ALL the Vaccine Profiteers have hidden it from you and

FUNNELLED you into a massive Experimental Vaccine Program.

That vaccine program ALREADY has the worst adverse events
outcome for a Vaccine Rollout in History! That is ONYL for the very short term
affects that are being PARTIALLY reported; That is before the medium and long
term effects roll in of which many of the front line doctors expect will be
horrendous in nature and magnitude.

The front line Doctors have known for well over a year
For those under 70 without co-morbidities it has LESS risk than influenca PLUS it can be treated !!

The front line Doctors have known for well over a year
that Covid19 can easily be Risk Stratified to the elderly and those with known

The front line Doctors have known for well over a year
that Covid19 has

a) Low Cost and readily available Antiviral Prophylaxis
therapies that include HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, ZINC and Antibiotics AS
EFFECTIVE as any of the Novel Technology Vaccines and with well over 50 times
the length and breadth of safety Data

b) Low Cost and readily available Antiviral early
treatment therapies that include HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, ZINC and
Antibiotics AS EFFECTIVE as any of the Novel Technology Vaccines and with well
over 50 times the length and breadth of safety Data - which reduces death and
Hospitalization by 85%

Ask yourself who is responsible for keeping this from you.
Ask yourself if you can trust :
- The Mainstream Media
Think of how many stories they have run to bring these

early treatments to your attention while doctors around the world have been
shouting it from what platforms were left available to them. Does it make you
think ABC, CNN, MSNBC Your local News Services and your local newspapers are
happy to accept government spending on promoting experimental vaccines while
keeping you in the dark and pushing you into lines for experimental vaccines.

-Google and Youtube ?
Google and Youtube have the "⁣COVID-19medical misinformation policy" :


It specifically lists Ivermectin as information it will keep from you
It also lists Hydroxychloroquine which the same front line doctors know and shout "IT WORKS"


With huge advertising revenue coming in from Vaccine Manufacturers - How many conversation threads have you seen on Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine
How many adverse events stories have you NOT heard on facebook with a policy to remove any negative Vaccine reports, medical opinions and discussions.

Self help groups on Facebook with 10's of thousands of members have been BLOCKED !!

Meanwhile the Australian Political Team of Health Officers, TGA and the National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task force:

a) Remain Silent of the Dangers emerging from the Experimental Vaccine deployment elsewhere around the world.

b) Remain Complicit in the Obstruction of Hydroxychloroquine as a Prophylaxis and Early Treatment for Covid19 - Only in the past few days have ⁣the National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task force bowed to the sheer volume of Ivermectin data - well they report the positive findings BUT to their utter shame they still give a "Negative Recommendation" !!

c) Some of the team including the Prime Minister ,Scott Morrison, are advocating for the coercive step of Experimental vaccine passports.

Here is what is commonly available in the US.

The US had to lose over half a million lives to learn the lesson.
Part of that lesson: Listen to the frontline doctors who

are actually treating (successfully) real Covid19 people.

The treatments that the Frontline Doctors deal with and
want to communicate to you are treatments that they can SEE work.

The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic models
The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic numbers
The Frontline Doctors are not indebted to Grants
The Frontline Doctors do not have shares in Big Pharma
The Frontline Doctors are not interested in Political deals or Political favours.
The Frontline Doctors are fulfilled by their ⁣Hippocratic Oath

Every one of the following named below has to answer for the Australian Hydroxychloroquine Political Football and the push toward a No
Jab no Pay and in this case Jab no Play objective for Clinical Trial Phase
Novel Technology Vaccines with unprecedented levels of reported Deaths and an
unprecedented level of significant Adverse effects thought to be related to the
dispersion of the man-made Spike Protein (the Antigen of Covid19) actually incorporated
into these vaccines.

It may be a political game for them, however, it has resulted in Australian GP's being unable to use their best clinical Judgement and to prescribe preventative and early treatment multi-drug protocols that call for the use of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine and a more cautious approach to

Novel Technology Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines.

There has also been the inference that Doctors prescribing Ivermectin for Covid19 will come under scrutiny and indeed APHRA has already "investigated" Mark Hobart for doing so.....

01) Scott Morrison : Australian Prime Minister
02) Paul Kelly: Federal Chief Medical Officer
03) John Skerritt: Head of the TGA & Responsible for Scheduling Decision of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
04) Julian Elliott : Head of the National Covid19
Clinical Evidence Taskforce Responsible for the negative recommendation of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - It needs to be noted that this taskforce is comprised mainly of Monash University staff and it could be said Monash owes a debt of gratitude to the

tune of nearly $40 Million to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
05) Jeannette Young: Queensland Chief Health Officer - Happy to throw Doctors in Jail
06) Brett Sutton: Victoria Chief Health Officer - Happy to ignore strong Safety advice/warnings for Aged Care Homes from Dr Mark Hobart. In defiance of that advice continuing to publicly push for the speed injections of Provisionally Approved Vaccines known to have more severe adverse reactions for the Elderly and Known to be even more dangerous for the pre-exposed Elderly and known to have NOT been tested on the Elderly when gathering the Data for Provisional Approval ; in deference to a sensible
approach of using proven ⁣prophylaxis treatments that can include HCQ and Ivermectin.
07) Kerryn Coleman: Australian Capital Territory Chief Health Officer
08) Hugh Heggie: Northern Territory Chief Health Officer
09) Kerry Chant: New South Wales Chief Health Officer
10) Nicola Spurrier : South Australia Chief Public Health Officer
11) Tony Lawler : Tasmania Chief Medical Officer
12) Andrew Robertson: Western Australia Chief Health Officer

It has been said that all those involved in the obstruction of Medication that, but for the obstruction of that medication, would have prevented hospitalisation and Death will be brought to account in the international courts; if not in the local courts.

Remember their names.
Next time you see their "advice" being broadcast on the "COVID-19 medical misinformation policy Media" or Internet censored you tube you can understand what they are capable of doing.

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and ask those that you share it with to also ⁣
Share link : ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/v7fxDy

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Gary Green
Gary Green 2 years ago

Deliver yourself from FEAR, TURN off YOUR FREE to AIR TV, completely! turn your attention to that which builds up educates empowers and frees you and others from FEARS

TGA, CMO, Prof. Paul Kelly Treat with Ivermectin, HCQ Budesonide, Vit-D Zinc etc "STOP the BS Fear campaign" release IVM and HCQ for prophylactic and early treatments drastic reductions in Hospitalization and ICU; I blame YOU for her destress No-1-Else https://c19study.com/

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