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Senator Malcolm Roberts on Government scaring & bullying Citizens to get Vaccine.

Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Australians are being treated like mushrooms by our Federal and State Governments.

We have indefensible lockdowns in Victoria, unsupported by any medical evidence except for the appearance of one or two Health sector figureheads. Our Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has stated that he has no objection to these discredited lockdown measures, while all those charged with protecting our rights, including elected members of Parliament remain grossly uninformed about critical issues of vaccine safety and the costs of managing Covid19. They are treated with the same contempt, the only difference being that no public servant has been deprived of their income or right to earn a living.

Senator Malcolm Roberts, Queensland Senator for One Nation tried valiantly in recent Senate Hearings to get some basic facts from the most senior health bureaucrats - Chief Medical Officer and the Head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the agency responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including vaccines.

It's a disgrace when basic questions on matters such as Vaccine indemnity cannot be answered clearly. We know these people are smart; we know they are choosing their words wisely but the fact remains that our Prime Minister and his minions continue to scare and bully Australians into vaccination without providing the hard cold facts that allow for informed consent. Worse still, they are using Lockdowns, Border restrictions and Vaccine passports to achieve their political ends, without any regard for our liberties, our health or public finances.

It’s all about Politics Folks and it is despicable.

Asia Pacific Today. June 17, 2021

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