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Rest in Peace COVID19 Vaccine Victims! - Were they Informed when they gave their Consent

Published on 28 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Share Link :⁣ https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/74SaXJ
Big tech Blocking this information and Docotors Scared to Report or Link Clinical Trial Phase Vaccine's to the deaths - we deserve to hear the risks and the benefits

It is Google and You Tube Policy that insures you do not hear about Early Treatments for Covid19 and that you do not hear anything that casts a negative light on the Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines.


Note this policy mistakenly uses the wording "approved vaccine" as there are no FDA approved Covid19 Vaccines ; there are only Emergency Use Authorized Vaccines which are VERY different to FDA Approved vaccines ; it means they are Vaccines still in their Clinical Trial Phase with incomplete safety data; they are Experimental Vaccines approved in the absence of any alternate approved treatments (By now we all know there are other early treatments that work with 50+ years safety data and tested accross a far greater demographic that the experimental vaccines).

Current data on the Covid19 Experimental Vaccine deaths can be looked up via

Note a common argument with these statistics is that considering the number of people that were vaccinated it would be EXPECTED to have this number of incidental deaths in this group anyway.
Covid19 Reported Deaths with perhaps 75% of the US Population now vaccinated with the Experimental Vaccines
Short Term reported Deaths (Ignoring what might and could happen long term)
3949 Deaths reported at the time of this post
Influenza Reported Deaths over 5 Years of Data representing 250% of the population vaccinated with APPROVED Influenza Vaccines
262 Deaths
We are looking at short term only Deaths from the Experimental vaccines that are 50 (Fifty) times higher than the Approved influenze Vaccines JAB for JAB comparison

Following is data you can check for yourself - independant of your "opinion"

Covid19 Search URL

Influenza Search URL

Did these people in this video give informed Covid19 Vaccines (consent) of the following where they were informed of the following:

⁣a) They are NOT fully approved
Vaccines which ARE still in their Clinical Trial Phase and employ vaccine technology never Approved for use on Humans before

b) They do not stop the vaccinated from being infected with Covid19

c) They “may retard (no data)” but do not stop the transmission of Covid19 by the vaccinated

d) They will likely reduce the severity of Symptoms for the vaccinated

e) The duration of protection is UNKNOWN

f) The Long term side Effects are UNKNOWN including potential fertility issues for those in the pre or current child bearing age groups

g) They appear to result in a significant multiple of the usual rates of spontaneous abortions in Vaccinated Pregnant women

h) The disaster Scenario of Antibody Dependant Enhancement seen in Animal trials of this Vaccine technology has not been ruled out and was present in previous aborted mRNA vaccine developments

i) The disaster scenario of Immune Escape of dangerous variants of the Virus among a near entire population with a homogenous immune related response has not been ruled out

j) The “selfish side effect” of the man-made spike proteins produced and expressed by the
"Vaccinated" for at least 2 weeks and the shedding of these spike proteins onto those that come into contact with these shed proteins did not choose to take the Vaccine remains an unknown risk to others and it is an acknowledged risk by Pfizer in its testing documents. To many including teachers, parents, the elderly and Doctors they would be horrified to learn
that is has not been ruled out yet if they could affect the ones they care so much
about; perhaps affecting their fertility or a pregnancy.

k) Prior to release of the Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines none of them had been tested by the manufacturers on the Elderly, Pregnant women, Children or Immune Compromised people

l) In the US, The Covid19 suite of vaccines have more than 40 times the number of short term adverse events being reported on a pro-rata basis than any other Approved (not Clinical Trial Phase)Vaccine.

m) The manufacturers of the vaccines have been granted indemnity by the Australian Government and cannot be pursued for damages.

n) What age groups are they most beneficial to and what age groups are they least beneficial to with indicative Covid19 mortality rate statistics that are readily available abroad

o) The Vaccines have virtually no statistical justification on a risk/benefit analysis for deployment on the majority of the population younger than 70, WHEN early and preventative
treatments are made available to at risk groups as is the case in the US
See: recent video : https://vimeo.com/553518199
See: ⁣https://aapsonline.org/covidpatientguide/

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