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Published on 14 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

Sare Link : ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/AWUirV *** Please Share with at least 2 others ***
⁣In Australia the Doherty Institute, ATAGI, the Premiers and their Chief Health Officers and the TGA have a lot to answer!!
This data pulls the rug from under the ridiculous and Covid19 Spreading Vaccine mandates.
It shows the mandates create liability by increasing risks for all that come into places insisting on mandates; given the now demonstrable addition of risk to employees and patrons of catching Covid19 BECAUSE of the concentrations of the Vaccinated.
Dr Zelenko recommends the following:
12 Packs have a free international shipping option.
See if you can see the Z-Stack contents embedded in the peer reviewed early treatment guide "Nutriceutical bundle" https://aapsonline.org/
Here is a link to a short presentation with LINKS to all Data

Here is a link to exactly how the Vaccine Efficacy is Calculated by Pfizer and in this Video for the UK data that is between 2000 and 3000+ times bigger in case numbers and 100% more relevent in terms of the Covid19 Strain.

And here is a link to the Pfizer Study used to justify the roll out of its Clinical Trial Vaccine accross all ages and all levels of health independent of the risk factor for the individual and independant of the massive number of reported short term adverse effects and completely unkonw medium and long term affects.
The UK real world CURRENT case and VARIANT(S) data set is for the relevant strain of Covid19; whereas the Pfizer study case data set is relatively TINY and based on the now obsolete Alpha Variant
Negative efficacy MEANS
If you are in an age group with Negative Vaccine Efficacy you are at more RISK of being in infected by Covid19 (Current Strain)
It means, if you patronise a restaurant who's staff and its guests are all under a mandated vaccination policy, that environment is more likely to contain covid19 infected people than a population allowed to make their own choice on whether to take the Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines

This needs to be understood by the World and presented in Many Court Cases that are sure to follow.

The Data sets are all from the UK Government Published Data that can be found
here (at the time this Video was posted December 2021)

A summary slide show can be downloaded here:

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