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Clinical Trial Phase Covid19 V.. - Ben

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Propaganda State - Horse Punch and Death of Adriana - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Published on 25 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣The Media in Australia appears to be State Run Media.

In Concert – Freedom protests are portrayed as Violent
In Concert – There is absolute silence on the discussion of Early Treatment
In Concert – There is Zero Criticism of the efficacy or Dangers of the Novel Technology mRNA vaccines
In Concert – They use the Death of an Innocent young Woman to promote an unquestioned Vaccine Roll Out

Much of the Australian Media is on a Gravy Train of advertisements from the Government , advertisements that are paid for by the Australian People (or perhaps their children as Government debt is now massive).

The Government is enjoying unprecendented powers and is using its armed forces , the media, snap legislation and snap directions to control where we move, how we breathe, what we read , what we see, our businesses and what medication we and our Doctors can use.

It all hinges on Early Treatments; here's a world leading guide:

When that cat is out of the bag and the people realise that with early treatments Covid19 is a disease that can be managed with basic risk stratification and that there is no need for state mandated or coerced vaccines and vaccine passports; its game over for the politicians; its game over for the vaccine sponsored health advisors and its time to seek compensation and justice for the destruction and deaths that have resulted from the supression of the early treatments.

⁣Again, here's a world leading guide:

How many more Adriana's do we have to see shoved in our face as examples of "go get vaccinated" and "you should listen to everthying we say (our Truth is the only truth to quote the NZ Prime Minister)" - when it is likely the case that Adriana could have had continued to live her life to the fullest, but for the advice of the our National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task Force, Our Health Authorities, Our Cheif Health Officers, Our Premiers and our Prime Minister - all ignoring mountains of evidence, Doctors clinical results, Doctors warnings and pre-existing world leading early treatment guides:

To take a look at those mountains of evidence simply review:

The world leading guide:

Which is based on the most download ⁣Covid19 medical Journal article in history
“Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection”

Look at how shameless the State Run (people paid for) Advertisements can get in Australia

This add was days before Adriana Died, she died without access to Ivermectin on the Eve of Ivermectin Week ; family and Doctors pleaded.

⁣Here is what is commonly available in the US.

The US had to loose nearly half a million lives to learn the lesson.
Part of that lesson: Listen to the frontline doctors who are actually treating (successfully) real Covid19 people.
The treatments that the Frontline Doctors deal with and want to communicate to you are treatments that they can SEE work.
The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic models
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic numbers
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not indebted to Grants
⁣The Frontline Doctors do not have shares in Big Pharma
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not interested in Political deals or Political favours.
⁣The Frontline Doctors are fulfilled by their Hypocratic Oath

Google has a "⁣COVID-19 medical misinformation policy" :

Nearly every Government and Private Big Media TV, Radio, Print and Internet publication reflect this same ⁣"⁣COVID-19 medical misinformation policy" blocking the message of these Frontline Doctors
Is it time to ask yourself - what are you going to do about the way these people are using their Power.

In Australa there is an absurd obstruction of decades proven safe medications that could significantly lessen the urgency to adopt pioneer Vaccine technology still in its clinical trial phase with at least 2 years before short term safety (or otherwise) data is known, perhaps 8-9 years before medium⁣ safety (or otherwise) data is known and perhaps 20 years ⁣before medium⁣ safety (or otherwise) data is known.
Already the UK Yellow card system listing the Adverse Effects has been studied in detail by Tess Lawrie - whose ⁣ResearchGate score is among the top 5% of ResearchGate members and the conclusion was a resounding ; these vaccines are not fit for use in Humans.

Every one of the following named below has to answer for the Australian Hydroxychloroquine Political Football and the clearly related push toward massive coercion of Clinical Trial Phase Novel Technology Vaccines.

** Update **
Resently the Australian National Cabinet Comprosing Prime Minister Scott Morrison and a hoard of State Premiers. Then statements were issued pitting Australians against Australians.
Statements to the effect:
The "Vaccinated" (the good people) would not be allowed to Travel internationally until a high percentage of currently "Unvaccinated" (the bad guys) were vaccinated.
There would be preferential freedoms bestowed upon the "Vacinated" (the good people).

⁣Australian National Cabinet ⁣Participants:Scott Morrison (Federal), Daniel Andrews (VIC), Annastacia Palaszczuk (QLD), Andrew Barr (ACT), Gladys Berejiklian (NSW), Michael Gunner (NT), Peter Gutwein (TAS), Steven Marshall (SA), Mark McGowan (WA)
⁣Reference :

The ⁣Minister for Health and Medical Research ⁣(Brad) Bradley Ronald HAZZARD wnet on the record with further coercion and hate speach against those chosing not to takeup the experimental vaccine suggesting they are leachorous burdens on the Public Health System.
How rich is thatcoming from Brad who has been party to (passively or actively) to the obstruction of Early treatment protocols involving HydroxyChloroquine
Brad has been party to decisions of public health resulting in 100's of billions of AUSTRALIAN dollars in Lockdowns which could have been avoided with a sensible risk stratified public health approach to Covid19 embracing the knowledge and successes of frontline doctors abroad and an early treamtnet guide laid out for all to see for a long long time
see: ⁣

Shame on your Brad.
Calculate how many brand new 250 bed hospitals (each staffed with 4 health professionals for a year)
that could have been built from scratch with all that wasted money.
AT LEAST 1000 hospitals with a budget of 100 million Australian dollars to build each facility
Shame on you brad for you part in stuffing up Australia's Health and Health System Budget ; for degrading the lives of almost every Australian, for pitting them against one another, for ignoring and not seeking advice from a single experienced Physician abroad that IS successfully risk stratifying and treating Covid19 patients BEFORE the hospital stage.
Shame on you for not allowing the natural herd immunity to settle this pandemice safely
Shame on you foryour iunvolvement in Vaccine Research that has made you push so strongly for Experimental Vaccine uptake.
Shame on you for not madating that hospitals report EVERY significant hospitalization that takes place shortly (within days) of an Experimental Vaccine jab.
Brad it would appear you havedoubled down to far to come back from it and the only decent thing to do is to resign and let a fresh and competent person step in where they will consult with overseas physicians and experts and pull out from the nose dive that is a proven unrealistic target of irradicating a mostly harmless virus from society with experimental vaccines that are failing badly to do this incountries where they have been taken up in much higher ratios of their population ; Look at Israel , Look at the UK, Look At Iceland simply look.

It may be a polical game for them, however, it has resulted in Australian GP's being unable to use their best clinical Judgement and to prescibe preventative and early treatment multi-drug protocols that call for the use of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine and a more cautious approach to Novel Technology Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines.

01) Scott Morrison : Australian Prime Minister
⁣02) Paul Kelly: Federal Chief Medical Officer
⁣03) John Skerritt: Head of the TGA & Responsible for Scheduling Decision of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
⁣04)Julian Elliott : Head of the National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce Responsible for the negative recommendation of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - It needs to be noted that this taskfroce is comprised mainly of Monash University staff and it could be said Monash owes a debt of gratitute to the tune of nearly $40 Million to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
05) ⁣Jeannette Young: Queensland Chief Health Officer - Happy to throw Doctors in Jail
⁣06) Brett Sutton: Victoria Chief Health Officer - Happy to ignore strong Saftey advice/warnings for Aged Care Homes from Dr Mark Hobart. In defiance of that advice continuing to publicly push for the speed injections of Provisionally Approved Vaccines known to have more severe adverse reactions for the Elderly and Known to be even more dangerous for the pre-exposed Elderly and known to have NOT been tested on the Elderly when gathering the Data for Provisional Approval ; in deference to a sensible approach of using proven ⁣prophylaxis treatments that can include HCQ and Ivermectin.
07) ⁣Kerryn Coleman: Australian Capital Territory Chief Health Officer
08) ⁣Hugh Heggie: Northern Territory Chief Health Officer
09) ⁣Kerry Chant: New South Wales Chief Health Officer
⁣10) Nicola Spurrier : South Australia Chief Public Health Officer
11)⁣Tony Lawler : Tasmania Chief Medical Officer
⁣12) ⁣Andrew Robertson: Western Australia Chief Health Officer

It has been said that all those involved in the obstruction of Medication that, but for the obstruction of that medication would have prevented hospitlisation and Death, will be brought to account in the international courts; if not in the local courts.

⁣Participants:Scott Morrison (Federal), Daniel Andrews (VIC), Annastacia Palaszczuk (QLD), Andrew Barr (ACT), Gladys Berejiklian (NSW), Michael Gunner (NT), Peter Gutwein (TAS), Steven Marshall (SA), Mark McGowan (WA)

Remember their names.
Next time you see their "advice" being broadcast on the ⁣"⁣COVID-19 medical misinformation policy" Media or Internet you can understand what they are capabable of doing.

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PLease review related article on Adriana's death

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