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Piers Morgan warns Biden ‘wokery’ will lead to Democrats downfall

Published on 11 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Former morning show host Piers Morgan has warned US President Joe Biden that if he embraces far-left "wokery" his party will go into the political wilderness like the UK's Labour Party.

Mr Morgan argued if the Democratic Party continues to stay woke it could end up like the Labour Party in the UK which has not been in power since 2010.

"And Britain's Labour Party, also viewed as an urban arrogant party that wants to do and spew endless dumb woke things, is proof that this kind of image and message doesn't work with voters," he said.

Piers Morgan argued 2024 could be tough for the Democratic Party, and it’s not because Donald Trump could run again

"The biggest threat to Biden's re-election in 2024 isn't Trump running again,” he said.

“It's a more reasonable, less incendiary, but equally populist freedom-loving conservative candidate like Boris Johnson who shares Trump's loathing of wokery and knows how to ruthlessly exploit it".

Morgan ends the article with a simple message.

"Wake up to woke, Joe!"

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