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Pharmakeia Revealed 8 | Managed Retreat, Modern Idolatry, Fear as Judgment | Deuteronomy 28 Wrap-Up

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Published on 10 May 2023 / In Other

⁣(Referenced links below.) Managed retreat is the word I couldn’t recall!

In this study:
- Erroneous translations and deceptions
- Managed retreat and 15-minute cities in prophecy.
- How most people are already removed from the land, as foretold.
- How God literally destroyed an idol when I couldn’t figure out how to deal with it.
- More on digital imprisonment in prophecy.
- Fear as judgment.
- Angel worship.

EMF Meters:

Discussion of priests of Molech: (Please note that the reason why the feast info under the new covenant is not disclosed in scripture because they aren’t actually part of the new covenant. This video is around 2 years old and thus we had FAR less understanding.)

Free Microwave Sickness Remedy:

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