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Pharmakeia Revealed 4 | No Rights, No Property, No Water, No Plants

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Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In Other

⁣Deuteronomy 28:28: The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart.

In this study:
- Stealing the water supply? Prophecy!
- Stealing your children? Prophecy!
- Deuteronomy 28:28-36
- The insanity of living in a sterile environment
- Don't be shocked when people don't do their jobs
- Problems with plants and trees
- Oppression WILL increase, along with fraud
- Mayo Clinic and technocracy
- You'll own nothing and be happy
- NWO apartments

Article: https://non-toxic-home.org/f/w....hy-revelation-1823-i

Video 1: https://non-toxic-home.org/f/p....harmakeia-bible-stud

Video 2: https://non-toxic-home.org/f/b....y-her-sorceries-were

Video 3: Judgment upon those who embrace pharmakeia: https://odysee.com/@nontoxicho....me:1/Pharmakeia--3%2

Pharmakeia Revealed 1: https://odysee.com/@nontoxicho....me:1/pharmakeia-reve

2: https://odysee.com/@nontoxicho....me:1/pharmakeia-reve

3: https://odysee.com/@nontoxicho....me:1/pharmakeia-reve

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