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Published on 25 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Dr. Robert Malone - Makes Clear and Expanded Easy to Understand Discussion
Expert in Vaccines and the mRNA Technology
⁣23rd Dec 2021
"Parents Need to Think Very Carefully Before these Children get the JAB. Once its Done it can't be undone"
Following the presentation of Geert Vanden Bossche; mRNA expert Dr Robert Malone explains
- As per Geert Vanden Bossche's prediction and warnings at the beginning of the roll out of Leaky Vaccines, it was inevitable that more and more infectious variants of Covid19 would and have occurred. "Precisely what has happened”
- Natural Immunity is the Best Way to Gain Protection
- What has happened with Omicron is a Very Fortunate Event
As per Data out of Hong Kong: the Omicron Variant appears to have shifted its tissue target to less pathogenic influenza viruses (the upper conducting area not deep lung)
Higher Virus replication
High Transmissibility
Less Pathogenic
What we have with Omicron comes across as an "Act of God"
"A Live Attenuated Mucosal Vaccine"
If he was asked to engineer an infectious live virus to generate an immune response he would be hard pressed to come up with something better.

Dr Robert Malone Heads
The Unity Project www.unityprojectonline.com

The Global Covid Summit www.globalcovidsummit.org

3 Key Points:
1.0 Vaccine Mandates for Children are absolutely opposed
2.0 Don't mess with the Natural Immunity System - Special mention about not vaccinating already Covid19 infected
3.0 Stop hunting Doctors.
Australia's TGA and AHPRA are preventing Doctors from providing genuine individual risk benefit assessments with the Clinical Trial Vaccines.
Australia's TGA and AHPRA are preventing Doctors from providing Early Treatments using safe and effective Medications
The following Peer Reviewed Protocol in use in the US and across the globe is blocked by the Australian Health Authorities - see protocols found here : https://aapsonline.org/
Australia's TGA and AHPRA are seizing Doctors medical records and "Hunting" Australian Doctors preventing them from preventing harm to the Australian Population from Covid19 and MORE SO from Government Covid19 Policies.

Key Points of a 4 minute Video he gave earlier to Parents Regarding the Vaccines
-Think Twice
- Its Irreversible
- 4 areas of Damage
1.0 Brain
2.0 Heart and Cardiovascular - About Every 3000 Dose 2 Jabs (Pfizer) - will send your boy to the Hospital !!
3.0 Fertility - The Lipid Nanoparticles coating the spike proteins of the vaccines have a strong Affinity to the ovaries - One of the most common VAERS reported side effects - SOMETHING IS HAPPENING !!
FDA has told Pfizer, if they want to advertise an approved product they have to establish safety in Efficacy, Birth Defects and Pregnancy
4.0 Immune System
There is clear data showing T-Cells dysfunction that hold in check latent Viruses and Cancers
Very well-known side effects of the Jab are outbreaks of Epstein Bar Virus, Herpes and Shingles
UK Data : https://www.bitchute.com/video/GoCYjRhko0Yr/
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