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Published on 25 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Geert Vanden Bossche - Makes a Clear and Expanded Easy to Understand Discussion
23rd Dec 2021
Geert Vanden Bossche explains the Evolutionary Pressure Placed on the Covid19 Virus with Mass Vaccination Campaigns (All age Groups) with Vaccines that do not sterilize the Virus.
The current Vaccines Promote Immune Escape
If there was a targeted Vaccine Campaign for the elderly, this would not occur.
As predicted the mass vaccination campaign has PROMOTED the emergence of more infectious variants.
Aside: Surely the Vaccine Manufacturers would have known this
We have been breeding variants that have a high level of resistance to the Vaccine Antibodies.
Worse still, the Vaccines interfere with the Natural Innate Immune System
Innate antibodies are directed against cell recognised patterns of Glycans; they are "fantastic" they are not variant specific.
The current vaccines out compete/suppress the innate antibodies.
There is a reasonable risk that you may be inducing a number of autoimmune diseases.
You will take away protection against a number of viruses that cause infection but DO NOT cause Disease.
Innate Immunity CAN eliminate the Virus and contribute to true Herd Immunity
If you vaccinate the children you take away the opportunity for herd immunity among the population.
Aside: Surely the Vaccine Manufacturers would have known this
The best thing you can do prevent heard immunity is to vaccinate large parts of the population with vaccines that cannot sterilize the virus in the midst of a pandemic; as for sure you generate a background where more infectious variants can flourish.

Geert's two main points
Mass Vaccination with non-sterilizing Vaccines leads to pressure for the evolution of highly infectious variants
Mass Vaccination - especially among Children suppresses the Innate Natural Immunity
-a) The Innate Immune Systems provides broad protection against variants
-b)The innate Immune Systems mounts a response that sterilizes the Virus - which provides the desired Heard Immunity
-c) The Innate Immune System keeps in check Viruses that infect most people preventing diseases and to outcompete this Immune system with Vaccine Antibodies will let the "Genie out of the bottle" for a whole range of diseases currently kept in check by the Innate Immune System that is not compromised by the mRNA vaccines and other Spike Protein Vaccines in their clinical trial phase.
In Part 02 mRNA expert Dr Robert Malone continues the discussion and solidifies the terrible mistake of Mass Vaccination with the current non-sterilizing vaccines with a particular focus on Children.
See Part 2 : https://www.bitchute.com/video/g8FYjo1nqsi8/

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