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OUR CENSORED Future - Dystopian Short Film

Published on 08 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

Our CENSORED future...Are we constantly being watched? Are we constantly being controlled? In a world of internet censorship, and social media censorship where privacy seems irrelevant this dystopian short film is more relevant than ever before.http://bit.ly/slfilms - Help us make more films like this!STRANGE LOOP FILMS Presents "Dissidence"In the year 2084, a government agent chooses to go without his mandated phone. This begins to open his eyes as he learns the consequences of speaking out against the surveillance state he is living in.Directors Statement: "Dissidence (2084) was first inspired by my study abroad trip to Budapest Hungary. As I learned more about Hungarian history and culture, I was extremely fascinated by how fascism and communism affected Hungarian culture. In a period of 2 years 1/20 Hungarians were sent the the Russian Gulag for political crimes. Today, these horrors seem like the distant past. However, with the the rise of cellphones and other technologies perfect for surveillance use, Dissidence stands as a warning to the importance of freedom of privacy and free speech often traded for convenience and 'safety'. This film was carefully planned to not alienate modern day viewers with a world happening in the distant future, or a far away place as many Sci-Fi's traditionally do. This is because the ideas in this film have already started to become a reality in our society."- Matthew BrdlikWritten and Directed by: Matthew Brdlik Producer: Matthew Brdlik Director of Photography: Max Rood David: David Neylon Carly: Teresa Moore Charles: Brad Davidson Marcus: Jeff Smith Door Man: Leonard Pagan Phone Voice: Ariana Kraft Government Agent 1: Jonny Kalita Government Agent 2: Daniel Jensen Government Agent 3: Daniel Flood Train Passenger: Nick Trivisonno David 2: Allen VaysbergAssociate Producer: Max RoodUnit Production Manager: Will Ackerman & Karson Kent 1st Assistant Director Jack Elliott Script Supervisor: Margaret Velez 1st Assistant Camera: Nihal Dantluri 2nd Assistant Camera: Jacob Ocker Gaffer: Alex Naremore Key Grip: Clarisse Callahan Grip: Carlos Cabrera-Mayol Best Boy Electric: Sean Phelan Electric: Clayton ForesterGrip and Electric Swing: Miranti Urbaningrum & Myckella SageDolly Grip: Jens Ericson Production Designer: Mark FreudianProp Master: Karson Kent Hair and Makeup: Alexandra Kiotis Sound Mixer: Manuel Rodriguez and Matt Collera and Chris Nawrocki Boom Operator: Antonio MaciasEditor: Marcus Aubin Colorist: Sam Howells Sound Designer: Henry Darr Visual Effects Designer: Alex Koester Music by: Phillip Rapa Titles: Ricky O’Campo Casting Director: Emily Dunn and Matthew Brdlik Casting Assistants: David Kennedy and Rocio Patterson-Rivera Special Thanks: Amy ChenLindsay FormanAlireza Khatami Eva KissMichael Brdlik Rosemary Brdlik Bruce Brdlik Rocio Patterson-Rivera AWARD WINNER BEST SCI-FI FILM 2019 REEL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALAWARD WINNER BEST LEAD ACTOR 2019 MAIN STUDENT FILM FESTIVALNOMINATED BEST DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, PRODUCTION DESIGNER 2019 PREMIERE FILM FESTIVALNOMINATED BEST WRITER, EDITOR 2019 MAINE STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 SCI-FI LONDON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION 2020 SCI-FI BOSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 WINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 MIDWEST INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2020 BIG SHOULDERS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 REEL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 MOZIMOTION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 PREMIERE FILM FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 BAM! FILM FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 MAINE STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 JOSIAH MEDIA FESTIVALOFFICIAL SELECTION 2019 DADASAHEB PHALKE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL#scifi #censorship #StrangeLoopFilms

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Billy Bud
Billy Bud 2 years ago

This is Great :) Shared everywhere

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