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Obchod na korze (1965) EN - Shop on Main Street

Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

In the UK "The Shop on the High Street" is a 1965 Czechoslovak film about the Aryanization programme during World War II in the Slovak State.

The film was written by Ladislav Grosman and directed by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos. It was funded by the Czechoslovakian central authorities (as were all films under the Communist regime), produced at the Barrandov Film Studio in Prague, and filmed with a Slovak cast on location at the town of Sabinov in north-eastern Slovakia and on the Barrandov sound stage. It stars Jozef Kroner as carpenter Tóno Brtko and Polish actress Ida Kamińska as the Jewish widow Rozália Lautmannová.

The film won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film,and Kamińska was nominated one year later for Best Actress in a Leading Role. The film was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

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