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2021 SEP 05 Carl Bromley NZ Medical Tyranny KIWI if you are compliant and silent you are the problem

Gary Green
Published on 05 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics


NO SARS-CoV-2 CASES in the South Island, yet Dictator Ardern slammed then South Island into Level 4 lockdown 14 days with absolutely ZERO SARS-CoV-2 Cases Starting 17 August 2021 through to 31 August 2021

That’s right folks Dictator Ardern locked down the whole South Island which has 1,187,300 people on the 17th August and the South Island had ZERO CASES; this is pure irrational actions based on science of any sort.

Dictator Ardern just cannot admit her call for the South Island was ridiculous founded on not scientific basis; so, she’s forced to continue the madness and only reduces Alert Level one step down to Level 3 lockdown.

UTTER OVERKILL AND WILFUL DESTRUCTION OF A NATION and its economy and the livelihoods of massive numbers of New Zealanders forced to survive of a paltry COVID Benefit meanwhile Ardern and her cronies (NZ Politicians both sides of the Isle) live like kings on full pay as do the bureaucrats who are enabling this rogue Government and the thuggery police force who empower by force this Dictators madness.

GOD SAVE NEW ZEALAND: As most of the sheep can’t muster the courage to SAY NO MORE and are heading up the feeder race to a single race where there is no turning back! And the New Zealand Army appears to be happy watching the Nation be betrayed and handed over to the Globalist Elites failing they Oath to defend the citizens of New Zealand

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE under a socialistic communistic style where a group of Self-elected God Syndrome [“Higher Evolved Humans” in their opinion] believe they are the enlightened one and have the right to call the shots on who lives and what they have and what they do and where they do it and what they must think and say or else face extension by being cut from the herd and left to die or worse dispatched; and don’t give the conspiracy nonsense do we have to remind you what’s happened with all dictatorships.

HISTORY IS FULL OF THE FUTURE THAT COMES FROM DICTATORS and the minions leaching off the Dictator! I dare you to prove me wrong with HISTORICAL FACTS


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