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Not Even Facebook will Stop Craig Kelly - He's taking them on - Care to show some support - sha

Published on 23 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

Share Link: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/hqp2uL

Support Craig Kelly with your comment and sharing this video everywhere you can
⁣Post it on facebook to show ⁣Zuckerberg....

Some Aussies are tough.
While it would appear we have a gutless set of Politicians, Cheif Health Officers, Health Ministers and State Premiers all scared of the World Health Organisation and Big Pharam and Big tech and Mainstream Media....
Australia has Craig Kelly; touch gutsy; informed and with Truth and those championing the truth behind him.

It might be a David and Goliath battle but there is a ground swell and Gliath - Zuckerberg in this case.

Come on Aussie Come on come on Come on Aussie Come on (there are stilla few of them left and Craig is one of them)

Share Link : ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/hqp2uL

Post it on facebook to show ⁣Zuckerberg....

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michael shiel
michael shiel 1 year ago

Give them hell Craig

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