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Media , Politicians and Health Authorities looking for more Fear... look out..shhh its the Delta Var

Published on 23 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

OMG The Delta Variant
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Take note of the News Broadcasters spreading the Fear
The Media is the Virus we should fear.

So the real news appears to be:
As a pandemic comes to a close more transmissable and less harmful variants appear.
A phenomenon described as ⁣"Muller's ratchet"
The Delta Variant that has a number of other names in different countries is of less concenr to most; though there is speculation that those vaccinated with Spike protein novel technology experimental vaccines may have their automimmune systems primed for an Antibody Dependant Enhancemenent "over reaction".

Australian Mainstrema Media and the Governement ABC channel have no shame as they play on and heighten the fear of Covid19 that they are mostly already to blame.

⁣Share Link: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/tH2K3n

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