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Mark McDonald, M.D. on the new focus for children to be vaccinated. Asia Pacific Today

Published on 28 May 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣We need no further proof that our governments and their public health authorities have turned science on its head and are promoting policies that are detrimental to their citizens.

Consistent with the rush to vaccinate the entire population against Covid19, regardless of the low risk of death, the focus has now turned to the vaccination of young children. In Australia, the public broadcasting authority, the ABC, is placing messages about the vaccines in children's programs.
Why is this being done when Children are at low risk of infection, and when many medical experts, are warning that on available evidence and science, the Covid mRNA products are unnecessary and even unsafe?
Dr Mark McDonald has a practice in Los Angeles and is a frequent media commentator. He is board-certified in both child & adolescent and adult psychiatry, with extensive additional training in adult psychoanalysis.
Dr. McDonald specialises in the evaluation and treatment of young people with mental illness and over the past decade of post-graduate training, has supervised and taught medical students, residents, and fellows in multiple disciplines of medicine, psychiatry, and therapy.

Asia Pacific Today. May 28, 2021

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