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Life Jackets - Who Needs Them

Published on 09 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

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For the vast Majority of the Population who want to go out and enjoy their life they are well equipped to deal with a the Covid19 Corona Virus. Their immune system knows what to do.

Some might get in trouble and so long as they can grab onto the edge in time (Get the early Treatments that we ALL KNOW work) then they should be fine.

The Vaccine Thugs are pushing Vaccines as if everyone needs them and if you don't get it you somehow endager everyong else that chooses to take the vaccine.

What this Clever clip does not cover is that their Life Jacket is an experimental Life Jacket that has had more short term dangers associated with puttin gthem on then any other tried and tested life jacket. Worse still the materials used in their life jacked MAY have the potentital to cause cancer, fertility issues , birth defects, prions diseases (Brain related disorders) and may make you super sentitive to drowning in new bodies of water where your life jacket does not work.

IN any case the obsurd and clearly compromised reasoning and intentions a shining through for everyone around the globe now. The more pushy the life jacket salesman the more destructive he becomes and the more damage caused by trying to force the life vest onto peple who don't need it, who don't want it who don't want to take the risk of a life jacket that carries with it so many unresolved risks and has such a poor track record in its launch.

In case the analogy is not completely clear with the drowning patron;

The edge of the pool represents the obvious solution
The obvious solution for Covid19 are early treatments where doctors are literally treating thousands of patients that the life jacket sales man would rather die so he can go on selling life jackets.

Australia's TGA headed by Julian Elliott has banned the use of decases safely used medications of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

In the explanatory notes to the recent decision of the TGA it explicitly states that if people know they can get ivermectin they may
"⁣elect not to be vaccinated as part of the national COVID-19 vaccination program"
see ⁣

Those obstructing life saving measures to push a vaccine agenda will be brought to justice - if it results in death and hospitalization.

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And to help people understand how much they might need to get Vaccinated

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