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Leave the Kids Alone - Give them Ice Cream WITHOUT Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines

Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

If you were wondering if something wicked is happening with Experimental Phase Vaccines...⁣
Please share this Video: ⁣⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/KP7Z39

In Australia John Skerritt is encouraging rewards for the Clinical Trial Phase
novel technology (Never before used on humans) Vaccines


By banning Early Treatments, Australia's Cheif Medical Officers and Health Ministers are complicent in funnelling adults into early adoption of the vaccines with minimal short term safety data and no medium or long term data


It does not get any more evil or any closer to a crime against Humanity than this.
The Canadian's are luring Children 12+ to Pop Up Vaccine Venues.
Children that can not possibly comprehend the risk/benefit analysis to them.
Children of both sexes where there is no safety data on fertility going forward from this Clinical Trial Phase Vaccine.
Children who have virtually zero chance of dying from Covid19
⁣According to the CDC healthy kids 18 or younger have a 99.998% rate of recovery from Covid-19 WITHOUT any treatment; with Early Treatment with Antivirals this can reduce a further 85% according to peer reviewed papers.
Children who, once vaccinated, will STILL be able to cath the virus and spread the virus !

There appears to be a wicked agenda accross the globe; a Jab in EVERY person NO MATTER WHAT.

Hear the cry of the mother "I have the souls of my 4 children...." driving her to stand up to the vaccine police force army.
For the sake of all our children - there has to be a line drawn on the power of Big Pharma and World Health Authorities and Politicians all apparently drunk with power and money and steering our freedom and rights into a ditch on the side of the road.

What is happening here appears to clearly contravene the Nuremberg Code

People need to be brought before the international crimes court for this one including every Police Officer enforcing such actions.

Note the Canadian Government and its Health Authorities have blocked Early Treatment options as well
Peer Reviewed Treatment Protocols as per the following are NOT available to Canadians or Australians


Children if you are watching this ask your parents if they will give you an icecream every day before school; if that what it takes to stop you thinking about getting clinical trial phase - novel technology - vaccines without the full blessings of the ones who brought you into the world.

⁣Note ,while they are working on our children to get vaccinated here's a browser search you can do so your kids have something else to read
" ⁣Popcorn! Even Kids Should Get It! amazon "

Please share this Video (even to just two more people): ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/HpsuOS

John Skerritt has been made aware of Dr Tess Lawrie of the UK doing a study that concludes
links to the report and summary (filed also attached to this email)


" ⁣Popcorn! Even Kids Should Get It! amazon "

Please share this Video (even to just two more people): ⁣⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/KP7Z39

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Freebound1 5 months ago

Wow! That was intense!

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