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During this financial turmoil that our government has caused - unfortunately unless more of our users step up to become 'pro' users, the site is scheduled to go off line May 28th.

We have a full customer service, IT company & our own hosting facility.

We hope that we are able to continue serving you, otherwise it's been a pleasure, the last few years have been a wild ride!


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Keeping your Creditor Tax Rebates and Protecting your Assets in Tax Free Privacy

Published on 21 Feb 2023 / In Other

⁣“Unbeknown to your mother she registered the energy and future labour of the living
you as a chattel of the State

The State owns you and everything you create within a Cestui Que Vie trust (CQV)

The birth registration made you the trustee and the State the beneficiary
of your CQV trust

By correcting your CQV trust status, you make the State the trustee
and you the beneficiary

As a beneficiary you get to keep your creditor tax rebates

By holding your assets in a private trust, you keep the State out of your business
and live in the private”

Iain Clifford – MATRIXFREEDOM Founder

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