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Ivermectin Banned by John Skerritt - A Plea From the Australian People

Published on 29 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Vaccine Thugs deny the existance of Alternative and Safe Covid19 preventative and early treatment options that are simply undeniably effective.
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Learn about John Skerritt heading the TGA:

⁣The TGA's own information
⁣"In a study in which healthy volunteers were orally administered up to 2000 µg/kg ivermectin in a
fasted state or up to 600 µg/kg ivermectin following a high-fat (48.6 g of fat) meal, there were no
indications of central nervous system toxicity observed at any dose irrespective of food intake."
In context that is 2 mg per Kilo ! = 120mg for a 60kg person

Peer reviewed Covid19 protocl in the US (Denied to the Australian People by John Skerritt of the TGA)
Says with At risk Groups with Covid IMMEDIATELY treat with 18-36mg per day

But John Skerrit of the TGA says Ivermectin's risk outweight the Benefits even though the number of reported deaths ro his Provisionally approved novel technology Covid19 Vaccines with zero medium or long term safety data have 100's of rimes more reported deaths as an adverse evernt in less than a year that Ivermectin for the last 20+ years.

He says this even though millions of people havebeen treated with it by thousands of Doctors with staggering success compared to our "standard" of Covid19 care.

In the eyes of many, these Vaccine thugs and Early Treatment Deniers need to face trial for their part in human suffering and death. Not one of them has bothered to talk to Frontline doctors actually treating and curing Covid19.

In Australia the names of the Primary Vaccines Thugs have been reported to be:

Scott Morrison ⁣- Prime Minister
⁣John Skerritt - Head of the TGA
⁣Jullian Elliott - Head of the National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task Force
⁣Martin Fletcher - CEO of AHPRA.
⁣Paul Kelly - ⁣Federal Chief Medical Officer

⁣Dan Andrews - Premier - Perhaps the most Wicked according to many.
⁣Brett Sutton - Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Martin Foley - Health Minister

New South Wales:
⁣Gladys Berejiklian - Premier - GONE! but still accountable.
⁣Kerry Chant - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Brad Hazzard - Health Minister

⁣Annastacia Palaszczuk - Premier
⁣Jeannette Young - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Yvette D'Ath - Health Minister

⁣Western Australia:
⁣⁣Mark McGowan - Premier
⁣Andrew Robertson - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Roger Cook - Health Minister


⁣Peter Gutwein - Premier
⁣Tony Lawler - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Jeremy Rockliff - Health Minister

⁣⁣South Australia:

⁣⁣Steven Marshall - Premier
⁣Nicola Spurrier - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Stephen Wade - Health Minister

Northern Territory:
⁣Michael Gunner - Premier
⁣Hugh Heggie - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Natasha Fyles - Health Minister

Australian Capital Territory:
⁣Andrew Barr - Premier
⁣Kerryn Coleman - ⁣Chief Health/Medical Officer
⁣Rachel Stephen-Smith - Health Minister

Share URL :⁣⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/jLdi6F

Here are the blocks onlife saving medications by the TGA and fully endorsed by the above Vaccine Thugs



John Skerrit ; head of the TGA has been approached dozens of times to withoddfers to speak to the Frontline Doctors using both the above medicationsthat he has blocked to australians for the prevention and Early Treatment of Covid19

Here is the early treatmetn guide John Skerritt has effectively Blocked from saving Australian Lives
Here's another ⁣early treatmetn guide John Skerritt has effectively Blocked from saving Australian Lives

So what does that make John Skerrit and the rest of the Vaccine Thugs ?

Please share this video and ask those you share it with to read this information

If you want to see how Australia is handling Covid19
See :⁣ https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/jMMpwQ

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