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Inspection of Video Footage of Buffalo Shooting First Seen on @Twitch

Eagles1976 Eagles1976
Published on 19 May 2022 / In News & Politics

This video is banned by Twitch,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Instagram

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Germania Jones
Germania Jones 4 months ago

Heil Hitler from Germany!
It really looks like fake. My english is not perfect, only schoolenglish, I hope you understand what I want to know. Here in Germany they create such amok killings to change the weapon law. All weapons are forbidden here in CommunismGermany in short time. It is forbidden to wear a simple pocket knife in germany. And the killer was then a bad nationalsozialist who killed migrants. So the JudaGovernment can make new stronger watching laws against the german patriots + forbidden that groups of patriots can find togheter, they say its building of terroistic groups. i am listed thinkable 55. The computer on airport nuremburg gave me the info. They need this to split the people too. We have all the same enemy. the skinhead and antifa is lead by the same peniscutted bastards. USA; YOU MUST WAKE UP!!! WHEN THEY WILL TAKE YOUR PRIVATE WEAPONS; YOU WILL BE LOOSE ALL!!!! WAKE UP USA AND FUCK THE JEWS AND TAKE YOUR US ARMY FROM OUR GERMAN GROUND BACK TO HOME: SIEG HEIL

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