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“I can no longer recommend the ‘vaccine’...” Dr. Jim Meehan, MD & Dr. Peter McCullough

Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Jim Meehan, MD, has a candid “doctor to doctor” discussion with Professor of Medicine, Peter McCullough, MD, about why he changed his mind on recommending the Covid vaccine to his patients, especially if they have already recovered from #Covid19.

⁣-Dr McCullough was Pro-Vaccine

- Initially he advised his high risk patients to get vaccinated
- After seeing the current rate of reports of Adverse Events he can no longer recommend the

“It was unleashed on the population and boy are we seeing the consequences”
“The largest Human Experiment in Human history….”
“Virtually everybody in America knows of someone who either died or was hospitalized due
to the Vaccine”

Word of Caution to the Australian Regulatory Authority ; The TGA headed by ⁣Adjunct Professor John Skerritt and the essentially Monash University cohort called the The National Covid19 Clinical evidence Task Force;

Together these two bodies have left Australia with Zero Early Treatment options, Zero Antiviral ⁣prophylaxis or Early Treaments and set Australia on the biggest Human Trial in histor; actively promoting these vaccines.

If you want to get an idea of just how "slippery" the answers to a senate hearing can be see:


And if you want to see how that slippery pattern continue see:


Ultimately the buck stops with the Australian Prime Minister ;⁣Scott Morrison
He has been warned and advised over an over by responsible MP Craig Kelly of the early treatments that are working abroad and that caution with the vaccines is needed.

Already Australia's "reported" Covid19 Human Trial "Vaccines" related deaths was at 210.
To get an idea of how easy that information is to obtain review the TGA's on obscure web URL

See if you can find where they "buried" the 210 in that update.

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