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Hazzard Unmasked - 6 Minute Rant Refusing to Let Anyone Ask Questions

Published on 14 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

This "Health Minister" has Coerced 12th year students & Construction works into Experimental Vaccins and insulted those cautiously standing back from the Experimental Vaccines.
Share this Video - People must see this man "unmasked" : ⁣

⁣In the “Show More” under this video you will see a line-up of the names of those that ideally
would be collectively held to account for the damage done so far to Australian Society , the Economy, Health Outcomes so far and the future damage from the incredible crap shoot of a coerced nationwide roll out of Novel Technology Vaccines with absolutely ZERO medium or Long term safety data and gaping holes in the short term safety data.

Here is a list of the Australian's many blame for the decline of Australian values and freedoms and the decent into internal divisions flamed by a social fabric being stretched to tearing point. It used to be a joy to be Australian and to Live in Australia; now its depressing with lives and livelihoods turned upside down for a illness that appears to have completely taken the place of the now zero cases influenza statistics.
Let's name them because one day they must all be accountable for what is happening to Millions of Australians and what will happen to Millions of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Australians

⁣⁣Prime Minister
Scott Morrison (Known by some as the no Jab no Pay buddy of the Murdochsy)

State Premiers
NSW Gladys Berejiklian

VIC Dan Andrews ⁣(Known by some as Chairman Dan)
QLD Annastacia Palaszczuk (Known by some as the Heartless one)
WA Mark McGowan
TAS Peter Gutwein
SA Steven Marshall
NT Michael Gunner
ACT Andrew Barr

⁣Secretary of the Department of Health
Brendan Murphy (Monash Associate professor)

Federal Minister for Health
Greg Hunt

State Ministers for Health:

NSW Brad Hazzard (Known by some as Adolf Hazzard)
VIC Martin Foley (Put his name on the order that made HCQ a poison)
QLD Yvette D'Ath
WA Roger Cook
TAS Jeremy Rockliff
SA Stephen Wade
NT Natasha Fyles
ACT Rachel Stephen-Smith

Chief Health Officers
⁣Federal Chief Medical Officer
Paul Kelly

State Health Officers
NSW Kerry Chant
VIC Brett Sutton
QLD Jeannette Young
WA Andrew Robertson
TAS Tony Lawler
SA Nicola Spurrier
NT Hugh Heggie
ACT Kerryn Coleman

Health Authorities:
TGA - John Skerritt - Has maintained a block on a critical early treatment drug of an international peer reviewed early treatment guide (HCQ)
Has also given provisional approval for the novel technology Covid19 vaccines and authorized advertising & rewards for the uptake of the vaccines. Has also provided approval for use on Children and Pregnant women. Is responsible for the withdrawal of medications from the market if they represent a Danger to the Public.|

National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce - Julian Elliott
Essentially comprised of a Monash University team - where Monash has been the recipient of handsome funding from the Bil and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Responsible for recommending against the use of strongly recommended antivirals by doctors around the globe; perhaps responsible for recommendations that have resulted in the deaths of Australians that might be living, but for the negative recommendations.

And whispering in all their ears many might say the "somewhat compromised"
Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)
Advisory Committee on Vaccines (ACV)
The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) Scientific Advisory Committee

Media also need to be held to account for their role in suppressing free speech and for presenting what looks to be "state run" media.
The Control of the Media on the Narrative may be the work of vested interests by the owners of the media or simply to maintain massive and lucrative advertising and information spreading campaigns of the Politicians using the Tax Payers Money.

To get to know how well the controlled the ⁣Australia media is by just a few massive players and who they are...

⁣Share this Video - People must see this man "unmasked" : ⁣

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