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GATORMOUTH vs my 9wt Echo Bad Ass Glass Quickshot in the Texas Surf #glassisnotdead #SurfFlyfishing

Paul Molter
Published on 23 Jun 2022 / In Sports

I was at Padre Island National Seashore and hooked my fly into the mouth of this giant speckled trout, fly fishing the surf is very challenging and takes perseverance, its very rewarding one you hook into a beast of a fish. It more rewarding on a fly rod. Doing some beach fishing if I could caught sharks I would've.
Bob Popovics advice on fly fishing the surf..







Bob Popovics’ Tips For Fly-Casting The Surf

by Pete Barrett January 7, 2019

Many coastal fly-rodders consider surf fishing to be the ultimate challenge. Pumping on a Guatemala sailfish, throwing a fly to a humongous tarpon, or wading a pretty grass flat for a bonefish are all high on the totem pole, but they require a fat wallet and many hours of travel. Not surf fishing. We all live within a coffee-mug drive from some of the greatest fly-fishing to be found in the world and the chance to catch one of the greatest gamefish, the striped bass.
One of the best at the game of surf fly-fishing is Bob Popovics. He’s been at it since the late 1960s and lives only minutes from New Jersey’s Island Beach State Park. Surrounded by good buddies and good surf-fishing opportunities so close to home, his experiences also include days spent at remarkable surf fly-fishing haunts in New England, Montauk, and the Outer Banks. Bob is known as much for his fly-tying and fishing skills as he is for his patience teaching everyone who will listen to his tips and strategies.
“Surf fly-fishing is a very visual experience,” says Bob, “and to be good at it, you have to be an observer, be aware of your surroundings, the type of beach, the breeze, the currents and beach structure. Watch everything that happens all around you. Before you make the first cast, walk up to the beach, wait a few moments, and observe. Watch the wave sets, get the feel of the rhythm of things before you start fishing. Prior to my first cast, I check out the water for signs of bait, cloudy and clear water edges, the formation of bars and points, the location of white water and calm water, and the types of birds in the area. You need patience to be an observer,” he advises, “but it makes you a better fly-fisherman.”
Tips for surf fly-fishing - have 16lb tippet or more, fluorocarbon shock leader about 40 pound test is necessary for toothy fish, know the wind and surf conditions you can only use them and don't fight them, find the structure according to the conditions, know the best flies that mimic the best bait on that beach, use atleast a 9ft rod an 8wt is a good all around surf rod, but some people use 12ft switch rods, ultra fast rods aren't needed, i have a 7wt and a 9wt Echo BadAssGlass Quickshot glass rod I use it just depends on the conditions. Floating line is usually used but depending on beach drop offs I use sinking or sink tip, floating line needs to be worked between the waves. learn to cast to many back cast will kill your casting arm. get a reel that'll hold your fly line and 150 feet of backing.

Here is a link to help you start to fly fish the surf...

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