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Fraudulent Cycle Times discovered after FOI of UK Hospitals

Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

With PCR tests set to magnification levels (cycle times) beyond 28 you are setting up to get False Positives to maintain the state of exception (Emergency)⁣.
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In Australia Emergency powers enabling lock downs mandatory mask wearing, business closures social distancing shutting down of parks and schools are enabled with a State of Emergency; the Main data collected for a state of emergency is infection rates for a supposedly deadly virus (⁣average age of victims in Australia is beyond average life expectancy). Zero Healthy Children affected.
People healthy and under the age of 70 are at more risk of death from influenza.

Freelance Investigative Journalist Kate Richards
Under FOI obtains information from University Hospital of Bristol and Western
see: ⁣https://www.uhbw.nhs.uk/

They set their test cycles to 45 !
Note each cycle doubles the amplification for detection

Study Shows :
"⁣ It can be observed
that at Ct = 25, up to 70% of patients re-
main positive in culture and that at Ct = 30
this value drops to 20%. At Ct = 35, the
value we used to report a positive result
for PCR, <3% of cultures are positive"
see: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomfiles.co....m/drive/s/QAC8JrPqUQ

In other words in their study
at Ct 35 under 3% of the POSITIVE TEST RESULTS actually had any actively infectious Covid19 material.
at Ct of 30 only 20% ⁣of the POSITIVE TEST RESULTS actually had any actively infectious Covid19 material.
at Ct of 25 then ⁣70% ⁣of the POSITIVE TEST RESULTS actually had any actively infectious Covid19 material.

⁣Hence in Portugal a
Court rules that tests over 25 cycles are not valid to gather Covid Numbers and
use them to declare a state of emergency:


Lots of excellent links including to a study showing

So we can see the PCR tests has been used in a way to highly exaggerate the number of positive cases ; with tests beyond 35 cycles the reliability of the test falls to under 3% !!

⁣All of the above does not take into account the failure to inform the public of their True Risk Profile according to their age and health.
⁣If everyone knew that for the vast majority of the population, 70 years or under and healthy, the Covid19 virus represents LESS of a threat than influenza has been for the past few decades (without a state of emergency).
Should this body of the population be ruled by emergency law when the at risk (risk Stratified) section of the population is so easily identified ?
⁣Further , in Australia there is the despicable situation that safe multidrug Medications requiring
HCQ that can act as both preventative and early treatment for this risk stratified population are BLOCKED and thus the absence of safe preventative and early add to “manifested” reasons for a declared state of exception/emergency

⁣Finally, when the narrative is pushed that only a heard immune population where immunity must be obtained via Clinical Trial Phase , novel technology, experimental vaccines can be the only path forward, this manifests a false state of emergency duration that is linked to the vast uptake of the experiment by the population.

In the heavily vaccinated countries it is looking like there may indeed be a pending justifiable state of emergency due to record numbers of reports for vaccine related deaths, injury and Hospitalisations; something not to be unexpected with medications that have been produced at record speed with limited short term safety data and zero medium or long term safety data.

So imagine in Australia when they lock down millions of people for a dozen cases being diagnosed by a PCR test with an undisclosed number of Cycles being used.....

Chairman Dan and other State Premiers, it looks like you will have some explaining to do.

Good Work ⁣Kate Richards
Share Link: ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/6svq4z

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