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Dr. Ryan Cole, Americas Frontline Doctors, SUMMIT SESSIONS, C-19 Vaxx, Autopsies, July 27 2021

Published on 07 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

Dr Ryan Cole - The Science of Whats In the Vaccines and What They Are Doing.
⁣Pfizer Application Clearly States There was a 16% Decrease in Fertility in their tests on Rats
Share: Link ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/tLYx9h

Guess where the Spike Proteins from the Vaccines Concentrate....

⁣Dr Cole has seen a 10+ Fold Increase in Uterine Cancers Coincidental with

the Covid19 Vaccine Roll-Outs

⁣⁣Clot Shots, Investigational Vaccines or Needle Rape
Call it what you like but we need to look at the Science

Share lInk : ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/tLYx9h

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