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Democracy Is A Threat To Covid

Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Congratulations to the media in Australia. The Victorian State Government in Australia has jailed the leader of a fledgling Political Party called Reignite Democracy Australia. Nothing from the media except that Monica Smit is an activist and incited rallies throughout Melbourne. She disagreed, along with many of her supporters with lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

She's almost as dangerous as Sydney's Elevator Sneezer.

The media went nuts over this criminal sneezer. Stop that sneezing or you'll be arrested. And with spring just starting and with all the allergies, the jails could be full before you know it. So a warning. Do not commit the crime of sneezing. The media is watching.
But if a political party is shut down by the ruling Government, nothing is said. You see her crime was to disagree with the Government. Premier Dan Andrews has now been elevated as a very much loved Dictator of the Covid Cult, and he needed her to shut up.
And at the moment they have...shut her up.

George Christensen MP on his Facebook page said "...Ms Smit will only be allowed out of jail if she shuts down a fledgling political party and that fledgling political party’s means of communications, and if she refrains from any discussion around the political issue of lockdowns in Victoria..."

George is one of the few Politicians standing up for Australians.
Sneezing, the media has got it covered and will expose any one who sneezes. But when it comes to the truth, that's another story.

Maybe the media should understand that Democracy and all that it stands for is nothing to be sneezed at.

While millions have dodged short term adverse effects, severe vaccine injury is a reality in the mass vaccination drive and must be discussed to promote informed consent and prevent a potential disaster of massive proportions.

We know mainstream media failed to expose Government lies, becoming liars themselves on the true risks of Covid-19, extended lockdowns and coerced vaccination. Censorious Big Tech and conflicted fact checkers have been the conspirators.

Today, the Murdoch press openly gloats of the death of so called Covid-19 sceptics, conspiracy theorists and Anti-vaxxers. This is depraved and despicable journalism.
So how safe are the Vaccines? In Angelia Deselle's case, not very.

A controversial new ad campaign is designed to shine a light on those who have been injured because of taking one of the COVID-19 vaccines. The series, named “The Forgotten – the Vaccine Injured,” is just one component of a national education effort organized by the not-for-profit organization The Vaccine Truth. “She wanted to be among the first to ‘help others,’ said Maddie’s mother, Stephanie. “She now has lost the ability to walk.” Another of the injured is 38-year-old Angelia Desselle, who was proud of the fact that she received vaccines her entire life and was the manager of a private surgery center in Louisiana.

Under Covid19, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and other democratic nations have become unrecognisable. How has this occurred? Who's script are these democratically elected Governments following? We know the corrupt media is missing in action but where are the Opposition lawmakers, where are the lawyers, where are the health and medical professionals, where are the civil libertarians, where are the business advocacy groups, where are the Commissioners appointed to protect children and most vulnerable?
Just as lawyer Thomas Renz is doing in the U.S., one man who is taking it up to Government in Australia is Tony Nikolic, a Lawyer with a strong commitment to social justice, human rights and the betterment of society.

Asia Pacific Today. September 2, 2021

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