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Czechoslovakia Aka Czech Crisis (1968)

Published on 17 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

The Czech hold a conference with the Russian regarding their independence in 1968.

No title - Czech crisis.

L/S convoy of Russian army vehicles, pan across them. M/S truck, M/S tanks. C/U Russian soldiers sat on tank, pan across row of tanks. M/S train pulling into station. M/S Czech leaders waiting at railway station, they wave. M/S Alexei Kosygin shaking hands with Alexander Dubcek. Various shots as the Russians and Czechs walk along to conference. M/S as they enter conference building. Interior M/S of the meeting. M/S pan across Nikolay Podgorny, Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin and M. Suslov. Pan across Czech delegation: Dubcek, President Ludwig Svoboda and Josef Smrkovsky. C/U Dubcek. M/S Kosygin and Suslov. Exterior M/S doors of conference building. M/S windows of conference building. M/S as Russians leave building. M/S as Czechs leave building, Dubcek waves. C/U as Smrkovsky reassures Czech woman. M/S President Svoboda with crowd.

L/S Bratislava. Various shots delegation walking towards war memorial. C/U cameraman running with camera. Various shots press surrounding delegation as they walk towards memorial. M/S as Kosygin and Suslov walk towards camera amongst crowd. M/S Guard at memorial to Unknown Russian Soldier. M/S Russians and Czechs standing round memorial. Aerial shot showing massed crowd at night in Prague, they applaud. M/S as President Svoboda, Dubcek and others walk down steps from plane. Various shots people crowding round Czech party at airport. Interior shots as party come through doors of airport building with press all around them. L/S Czech party on balcony. M/S as Kosygin kisses Dubcek and other Russian shakes hands with him. Brezhnev embraces and kisses Dubcek, holding bouquet of flowers.

C/U newspaper headline, 'Soviets Invade Then Firing in Prague', pan to people walking along roadway. M/S sign 'Downing Street'. Various shots crowds gathered in Downing Street. M/S Czech Embassy. C/U Czech Embassy plaque. Interior shots of the Czech Embassy with people standing around and talking. M/S Russian Embassy. M/S police coaches in road. M/S press people outside Russian Embassy. M/S gates of Kensington Palace Gardens, pan to people. M/S Earl's Court where the USSR Exhibition is taking place, with massed crowds in foreground demonstrating. Various shots people demonstrating. Various shots crowds carrying banners. C/U demonstrator writing 'Russian Imperialists' on board. M/S pan demonstrators holding up boards with Russian and Czech slogans on them. M/S demonstrators holding up large banner, pan to Earl's Court. C/U newspaper headlines 'Russian Troops Seize Dubcek'. L/S Downing Street. M/S Michael Stewart, Foreign Secretary, arriving. M/S Denis Healey, Minister of Defence, arriving. M/S another Minister. C/U Richard Crossman arriving. M/S as another Minister goes in. M/S Anthony Wedgwood Benn entering. M/S James Callaghan going in. L/S Houses of Parliament from across river Thames. M/S Capitol building. Various shots of the United Nations building.
FILM ID:2069.37


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