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Clinical Trial Phase Covid19 V.. - Ben

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⁣Covid19 Vaccine Passports Result in the Faster Spread of Covid19 - UK Government Data

Published on 21 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Covid19 Vaccine Passports Result in the Faster Spread of Covid19 - UK Government Data

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⁣10 Weeks in a row and it looks like it is getting worse.
The UK Data is buried in reports that can (currently) be found in the following link:

Dowloaded reports can be found here

The series of weekly UK Data graphs helps people visualize emerging real world patterns of Vaccine efficacy.
The real world data clearly demonstrates a very different story to what most of the Media and our Health Authorities are revealing.
The Data is Real Wold because it is the result of real conditions with the current variants of Covid19 and case data sets of hundreds of thousands cases.
The Current Health policies along with media reports are based on what must be considered outdated vaccine manufacturer efficacy claims.

The Vaccine Manufacturer’s data is thousands of times smaller than the real world UK data; in the case of Pfizer is is from a mere 170 cases while we look at four week moving averages of 400,000 to 600,000 cases.

Looking into the Data of Adverse Effects reporting systems around the globe, the current clinical trial phase Covid19 vaccines are already demonstrating the worst reported short term adverse effects of any publically mass released medications.
There is also increasingly worrying data and concerns including the rising all-cause mortality figures for the vaccinated

Of particular concern is the emerging longer term Adverse Effects with serious concerns involving Vascular problems, Brain and Nervous System function problems, Immune System disorders and Fertility issues.
The Populations of many countries are now being asked or coerced to take regular boosters of these clinical trial vaccines.
These same populations now face a new dilemma where they are being asked or coerced to allow these same clinical trial vaccines into their young children for what could be decades of regular doses and boosters.
Data on the reported deaths and long term injury for children with Covid19 paints a clear picture of the near zero risks of healthy children and young adults.
Data on the reported vaccine deaths and long term injuries for children is emerging to paint a much more concerning picture.

Our friends and families are not hearing or seeing the real world data and yet we would expect if not demand that our Media and our Governments would relate this real world data.
Being kept uninformed is distorting what choices people may have and allows the governments to coerce or force people into accepting the ongoing risks of clinical trial vaccines for themselves and worse still accepting the risks for and on behalf of their children for many decades to come.
This Real World UK Data is available for the public to review.
A link to these files is included in the description to this video.

⁣If you think your friends, your family, your employer, your school, your favourite shop or restaurant should know about this please share this video because we can no longer rely on the media to provide Covid19 updates.
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