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Published on 26 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

POLITICIANS - Craig Kelly Questions

23-Dec-2021 - ⁣Please Share ⁣

Craig Kelly Asks ⁣GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE were we lucky
with Omicron.

Backgound, Geert Vanden Bossche had
explained how a mass vaccination strategy with vaccines that are
non-sterilizing there is innevitable consequences of Covid19 mutations.

⁣Geert Vanden Bossche, explains the worst thing that could ever happen is to roll out
a Vaccine against the Omicron Variant.

It is a "god send" as the innate immune system can EASILY deal with Covid19 Omicron variant. Geert predicts there would be a big wave of infections but an equally quick response of people's innate immune system and aquired immunity will be the gift for the population - with lasting immunity.

But if there is a Vaccination program, there is mutation pressure that could lead to mutations escape pressure (mutations) outside of the ACE 2 receptor domain allowing the virus to enter the cells through another receptor as the primary receptors.

This could lead to a classic situation of Antibody Dependant Enhancement; where
antibodies meant to counter the virus when it was using the ACE2 receptor bind
to the Virus but do not stop it.

This is a very serious risk and would lead to turning what was a relatively
mild virus into a kind of Bioweapon like Virus that has a rapid pathology that
may be even too rapid for early treatments (if they were allowed); ⁣It is inevitable.

With the current mass vaccination strategy we are now seeing an exponential

rate of evolution for the Virus.

⁣Surely the Vaccine Manufacturers know or should know this theory.
We need to take the Omicron opportunity to leave people alone to acquire natural sterilizing innate immunity.

The only reason for vaccinating children is to set a precedent that you

vaccinate everyone and os guaranteed vaccine programs for the manufacturers.
Corona Virus is not a Childhood Disease.

With respect to Boosters - your never follow the theory of "the more the

better"; its about the message/signal not the quantity.

Boosters only send the same ineffective antibody response and exert pressure on
the virus to mutate with resistance to the vaccines.

MP Catherine Cummings explains how she was chased out of Natural and Chinese medicine as a Doctor by AHPRA. MP Cummings believes that we need our Children to build natural herd immunity and does not believe in the child Vaccinations. She is disturbed at the current political leaders and their fear campaign and is for open dialogue.
It is very sad to see the gagging of the Medical and health community and a one

size fits more.

Dr Robert Malone also contributes with the answer to Craig’s Question.

Its not a good idea to keep jabbing children as you generate a high zone tolerance.

He goes over Original Antigenic Sin
Once your immune system is primed to respond to something, if you give it more

of something similar the antibody response will be biased to the original mismatched

The idea of booster shots is "ignorant arrogant and insane".

Craig points out the mandates of about 1 million workers in WA if they do not line up for a third shot.
Robert’s response:
"The rest of the world looks at Australia and is aghast"

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