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Covid Misinformation Peddled By The Government With Dr. Mark Hobart

Published on 07 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Scare mongering, bad public health policy and media self-censorship are rampant in Australia, particularly in Melbourne where a lockdown has again been imposed on everyone, in order to manage a few Covid19 cases.

Few are speaking out and handwringing on the part of business and political leaders makes you wonder if they’re totally ignorant of the latest medical and scientific facts and what really is happening in places where the virus is waning, without mask mandates and punitive restrictions.

Lockdowns are now being used as a tool to railroad citizens into mass vaccination, while those at risk, such as the elderly, are again being shamelessly neglected. Australians are not being fully informed about the adverse effects of mRNA vaccines and public trust is being eroded by incompetent and dishonest health authorities.

Dr Mark Hobart is an Australian-based health professional with a General Practice located in Sunshine. Mark has been concerned for some time about the welfare of the elderly, the lack of information available to the public and the reliance on lockdowns in managing Covid19.

Asia Pacific Today. June 4, 2021

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