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Covid and the Transition from Democracy to Authoritarianism

Published on 22 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Just like The US Federal Government, The UK Government, The New Zealand Government, the Canadian Government and Federal and State Australian Governments, no longer serve the interests of Australians. Australian Prime Minister Morrison thinks he's being clever by using despotic Premiers and Businesses to do his dirty work to force almost every Australian to be vaccinated. But he will be destroyed by his own actions.

As with other Western pseudo democracies, Australia is now a divided nation, with Australians pitted against each other. Good Governments would not stoop to this during a real health emergency. Nor would they deny to the sick, inexpensive, safe and effective treatment.

Australia is an international disgrace with daily examples of police overreach and arrests. Dumb politicians lie through their teeth come out with ridiculous statements - because they are fighting a phony war.

Australians have good reason to refuse an experimental vaccine - making Government or Private sector coercion even more abhorrent. Business leaders are the useful idiots believing vaccines are the only way out of their Government imposed nightmare. This is twisted logic - with growing evidence that the new vaccines have dangerous side effects and lose their effectiveness in a short time. Little is known about these so called vaccines and less is known about the efficacy or dangers of the imminent round of booster shots.
So Corporations are legitimising ongoing and arbitrary restrictions on economic activity and the destruction of the business class.

Some 18 months on, Government actions against the virus would be laughable if they weren’t so destructive. Record levels of fake positive testing, CCP style restrictions on the majority of the healthy, Internal and external travel restrictions, destruction of public health, risking the health of the most vulnerable and lives of the young with their vaccine mandates and risking front line health services.

All this madness has to stop now because the benefits more than outweigh the cost of the virus itself and these shocking Government interventions.

Senator Malcolm Roberts said the other day "As more and more people become understandably vaccine hesitant, the government is becoming more and more authoritarian. If we don't want to end up in a dictatorship all vaccine choices, whether compliant or hesitant, must be accepted.

Asia Pacific Today. August 21, 2021.

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