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Covid-19 and the Disintegration of Democracy with Rick Munn

Published on 31 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

Governments must now be made accountable for the ruinous harm they have inflicted on their citizens during this pandemic.
In Australia alone, their crimes include hundreds of needless deaths resulting directly from bungled State quarantine procedures, the loss of life from blanket prohibitions of effective early treatments, the measurable cost of rolling lockdowns and indiscriminate restrictions on healthy citizens and those most vulnerable.
Their deliberate use of lies and propaganda to raise fear and panic, their censorship and threats to medical professionals, their denigration of peaceful protesters and coercive and unlawful threats to divide and subjugate in the name of public health- all must end urgently.
And what about the mountain of public debt and the opportunity cost of this unabated and wasteful spending?
These cruel Governments and their incompetent and unethical officials have damaged millions of lives and our trust in democratic institutions.
Whatever their agenda – to eliminate a virus with rules of their own or the pursuit of obscure globalist objectives - these public officials must face the consequences of their actions before a genuine crisis emerges.
Our guest is Rick Munn, the author of the popular Twitter handle NoRisk_NoReward.
Asia Pacific Today. July 30, 2021
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