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Business leader says Australia's Governments have spread Covid misinformation

Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣In a recent interview on the ABC, Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker said "Anti-vaccination sentiments are "ill-informed" but work needs to be done to educate skeptics".

Heath Goddard, Founder and Managing Director of Pillow Talk replied with a scathing email.

Dear Senator Stoker,

I write in response to a news brief supposedly gleaned via the ABC by an Australian ( News Limited) journalist Ellie Dudley. I put finger to key board because I most certainly qualify as one of those “ ill-informed” members of the community and I cant think of what you could bring to my attention that could possibly have me wanting anything to do with an injection that most assuredly might kill me, more than likely will alter the construct of my current blood platelets, could give me heart constrictions, a stroke, many other unfortunate conditions leading to my immobilisation, probable hospitalisation, while having ZERO efficacy in protecting me from a Corona Virus ( for your edification this used to be called a COLD ) which has been with us for time immemorial and despite the exhortations of our magnificent Pharmaceutical Companies they have yet to find a way of combatting this phenomena.

Re the “Cold” that occurs with great regularity and in severe cases causes death after morphing into pneumonia etc and has its greatest deleterious effects in the aged care sector I suspect that trying to resolve this recurrent situation is up there with Don Quixote and his attempt to assassinate windmills a few years ago. It is even more imbecilic to thrust upon the people of Australia a Genetic Modification Injection ( It is not a vaccine , it is untrialled, and it is a complete travesty of lies being aided and abetted by a compliant Media for what purpose I don’t know. Perhaps you do.??) This may be what you are alluding to in your brief so perhaps I do need some counselling as at the moment my TRUST in all Governments, MOST SCIENTISTS, MEDIA and MEDICAL PRACTIONERS is absolutely shot. My trust in all of those institutions is corrupted because we have only had the Government and PHARMA diatribe while there is so much evidence of the seriously harmful effects of this lunacy. I and others could point out all the CONTRARIAN INFORMATION that abounds, none of which is being given in balance via the noble institutions that masquerade as our splendid NEWS SERVICES. I will furnish you with a few alternative view points from amazingly well credentialled people to perhaps help you while you gather your information to “ HELP” me.

I most certainly AGREE with your view , and I did hear Mr. Morrison make a similar statement, that people must NOT be forced to take an injection against their will. Even better would be to have a completely OPEN discussion with not only your advisors, but mine also. Let the country be told why some of us “ Ill-Informed” recalcitrant are why we are. Where I am completely at odds with your pronouncement is the blackmail being visited on so many , and it is millions, that they will lose all sorts of liberties if they don’t step up and play Russian Roulette with their perfectly sound immune systems, to be Injected with a TOXIC substance that DOES NOT WORK to AVOID something that we can not avoid should it arrive in our neighbourhood and then not be allowed to protect ourselves with perfectly safe solutions as our TGA have banned the drugs. I obviously can go on but this will do as an opening to an enlightening that I so obviously need.

I welcome your elucidation as at the moment I am one of those horrible “ Ill-Informed” sceptics and would observe that I would be absolutely astounded if you can confound anything that I am currently aware of but I am only at the end of the phone and of course you have my number. I will forward a few pieces in the vain hope you (a) get them and (b) more importantly read them.

Kind regards, Heath Goddard

Asia Pacific Today. October 18, 2021

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