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Beyond The Veil...

Timothy Walls
Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Entertainment

Beyond the Veil…
(Written September 26th, 1978)

Enter a friend, who, early this morning, in a dream, said…
“Inside your head, and beneath your mind-lid, life is more real than what you call reality may be…

As you enter the resurrection hall for the newly risen dead…
hear the celestial musicians and the Cherubim Choir

And so step beyond the veil over your heart, and dare tread…
entering the Holy of holies, where Universe Mother, Radiant Fire
is singing siren-incensed melodies unto her myriad parts… This reality you are permitted to see…

In worship, the Over Soul of creation will lift veil from heart and head…
so you may now ascend ever higher and higher…”

There is only try; there is no fail
to qualify to step beyond the veil
inside you lies the true holy grail
connect to spirit you must avail

Be so real it must be the real you
when character, soul and spirit true
unified become one--a brilliant hue
beyond the veil--new worlds come into view...

Copyright Timothy Ray Walls 2021

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