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Aussie Vaccine Stories the Media REFUSE to play

Published on 16 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Miss(ing)-Information Campaign - please also watch ⁣
Those Miss(ing) the Information from Australian Media; The State Run Australian Media
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There is an entirely different narrative that the collective Premiers, Prime Minister, Chief Health Officers and Health Ministers along with their CHOSEN advisers are desperately trying to keep from
Australians. Using a despicable display of Divisive policies for self-preservation many are clinging to a fear that cannot co-exist with the Miss(ing)-Information.

This video scratches the surface of the Miss(ing)-information.

So much more can be found on

NOTHING more will be found on Channel 9, Seven, WINTV, ABC SBS 13, 3AW 2GB, Herald Sun, The Age, actually nearly ALL of them , many are on a gravy train of revenue to keep you from Miss(ing)- information; a gravy train paid for with Australian taxes.

For those whose eyes are just seeing this side of the Miss(ing)-Information, does it come as a shock to hear that the non-sterilizing experimental Covid19 vaccines are almost useless against the dominant Delta strain and that the Delta Strain is up to 99.6% prevalent in most highly vaccinated countries in the
World. How many of you knew it was an entirely predictable event for a more contagious variant to evolve from highly vaccinated populations using the experimental non-sterilizing vaccines ; the Australian Governing GANG ignored the true experts (again).

How many of you know that according to some world experts this Australian Government GANG is following in the worst possible public "health" path and is likely to put Australia in a "pandemic mess" likely to last for another "half a decade".

"...⁣strengthening of the population’s HI (Herd Immunity) should ultimately allow to turn back to a normal life. But this could easily take half of a decade, especially in countries which have been combining heavy mass vaccination programs with stringent infection prevention measures."


In Israel for 6 weeks straight there has been an exponential increase of Delta cases effecting the vaccinated at an equal rate PRO-RATA to what’s left of the unvaccinated population.

In the US Fauci has conceded that the viral load of "breakthrough" cases term is the same as an unvaccinated infected person; ie there is simply ZERO argument to restrict Vaccinated or Unvaccinated with any differentiation with respect to stopping the spread of Covid19.
Note: ⁣"Breakthrough" is the term given to a person that has jumped into the unknown areana of sigificant gaps in short term safety problems (Adverse Effects) plus ALL of the unknown Medium term safety problems and ALL of the unknown Long term safety problems of the current experimental Vaccines in a climate of Miss(ing)-Information and then been infected with the non dominant Delta Strain of Covid19. If anyone has taken the Vaccines in Australia after the end of July 2021 and took on all these risks, whether having already suffered an Adverse Effect or now facing the unsettling anxiety of living with an experimental vaccine that has Geneticly reprogrammed their cells, they could have a strong case for compensation given this Miss(ing)-information was never conveyed to you for an infomred consent; infromation that should have been and likely was in the possession of many in the Australian Governing Gang at the time you took one in the arm for your Country.

From the significant UK Data , the Delta Variant IS now representing 99.6% of all cases.
Thegood news is the signfiacnt Data now showsit has a case fatality rate of more than 4 times lower than that of the Alpha Strain.

Did you or someone you know take the shot in the arm without knowing about Early treatment protocols with antivirals. The Australian Governing GANG has taken great efforts to keep Early Treatment protocols with medications that have ALL of the safety data; short, medium and Long term available for Doctors and patients to make a safe and informed choice in the catagory of Miss(ing)-Information.
This peer revied US protocol has been around since last year and is saving hundred of thousands of lives. Further it is helping to give people around the world a choice that should never have been kept from them.

Have you heard any positive interviews with Doctors using early treatment abroad on any mainstream media.
Have you heard how through APHRA (whose CEO is ⁣Martin Fletcher and the TGA , led by John Skerritt, Australian Doctors are muzzled from discussing early treatments or from providing .

The Penny is dropping, the veil is lifting, the mainstream media are becoming irrelevant as a reliable source of news; hopefully they will pay a heavy price for selling out Australians and contributing to the death and misery born from the fear and Miss(ing)-Information that they have perpetuated.

Australians let your word of mouth over every phone call, every get together outside of a curfew and every social media that cannot be censored help spread the real world news of what the Australian GANG are doing to preserve their positions of power and wealth.

Don't let the Australian GANG destroy the relationships you had with friends and with family with the idiotic notion that some-how you or your friends are not doing the "right thing".

The Australian GANG have made the most colossal series of arrogant mistakes in our history and have not consulted with a SINGLE practicing Doctor that is easily risk stratifying and treating EARLY those that need treatment for Covid19.

The stories in this video would never see the light of day if not for an awakening and the dedication of people who need more people to awaken and share the realisation that we can take away the fear and
we do not have to drink the Australia Gang's cocktail of Miss(ing) Information.

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