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A Hearty Crapshoot - Craig Kelly on Sky News with Bernardi - June 25 2021

Published on 27 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

The "Vaccines" are all in their Clinical Trial Phase
They are all provisionally approved because they are years away from providing efficacy and more importantly years away from providing Safety data.
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The Heart conditions "complication" is likely just one ,among many, of the complications not foreseen from the use of injecting man made Spike Proteins into humans based on Novel Technology Vaccines never successfully fully approved for human use.

It is ruining the lives of real people that trusted that their Health Authorities were giving them the best advice and the best treatment options. That trusted that their Health Authorities were seeking and listening to the experiences of real doctors and patients that are succesffully treating Covid19 elsewhere.

⁣We are being told that EVERYBODY should be taking the experimental vaccines to protect a small segment of the community who could take low cost, extremely long and wide safety data accumulated, antiviral prophilaxis to protect themselves; (or they could take the novel technology experimental phase vaccines punt).

What idiot would now think that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is more dangerous than the experimental vaccines or does not help ?
⁣What idiot would now think that Ivermectin i⁣s more dangerous than the experimental vaccines or does not help ?

See the US Peer Reviewed Early Treatment Guide that has helped save 10s of Thousands of lives in the US and reduce the dependancy on Novel Technology Clinical Trila Vaccines.
The link:

We do know that the US had to loose nearly half a million lives to learn the lesson.

Part of that lesson: Listen to the frontline doctors who are actually treating (successfully) real Covid19 people.
The treatments that the Frontline Doctors deal with and want to communicate to you are treatments that they can SEE work.
The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic models
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not obsessed with academic numbers
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not indebted to Grants
⁣The Frontline Doctors do not have shares in Big Pharma
⁣The Frontline Doctors are not interested in Political deals or Political favours.
⁣The Frontline Doctors are fulfilled by their Hypocratic Oath

Google has a "⁣COVID-19 medical misinformation policy" :

Nearly every Government and Private Big Media TV, Radio, Print and Internet publication reflect this same ⁣"⁣COVID-19 medical misinformation policy" blocking the message of these Frontline Doctors
Is it time to ask yourself - what are you going to do about the way these people are using their Power.

Every one of the following named below has to answer for the Australian Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Political Football.

It may be a polical game for them, however, it has resulted in Australian GP's being unable to use their best clinical Judgement and to prescibe prevenatitive and early treatment multi-drug protocols that call for the use of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine.

Thus leaving Australians feeling there is only one way to possibly beat Covid19; experimental vaccines :

01) Scott Morrison : Australian Prime Minister
⁣02) Paul Kelly: Federal Chief Medical Officer
⁣03) John Skerritt: Head of the TGA & Responsible for Scheduling Decision of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
⁣04)Julian Elliott : Head of the National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce Responsible for the negative recommendation of ⁣Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - It needs to be noted that this taskfroce is comprised mainly of Monash University staff and it could be said Monash owes a debt of gratitute to the tune of nearly $40 Million to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
05) ⁣Jeannette Young: Queensland Chief Health Officer - Happy to throw Doctors in Jail
⁣06) Brett Sutton: Victoria Chief Health Officer - Happy to ignore strong Saftey advice/warnings for Aged Care Homes from Dr Mark Hobart. In defiance of that advice continuing to publicly push for the speed injections of Provisionally Approved Vaccines known to have more severe adverse reactions for the Elderly and Known to be even more dangerous for the pre-exposed Elderly and known to have NOT been tested on the Elderly when gathering the Data for Provisional Approval ; in deference to a sensible approach of using proven ⁣prophylaxis treatments that can include HCQ and Ivermectin.
07) ⁣Kerryn Coleman: Australian Capital Territory Chief Health Officer
08) ⁣Hugh Heggie: Northern Territory Chief Health Officer
09) ⁣Kerry Chant: New South Wales Chief Health Officer
⁣10) Nicola Spurrier : South Australia Chief Public Health Officer
11)⁣Tony Lawler : Tasmania Chief Medical Officer
⁣12) ⁣Andrew Robertson: Western Australia Chief Health Officer

It has been said that all those involved in the obstruction of Medication that, but for the obstruction of that medication, would have significantly prevented hospitlisation and Death will be brought to account in the international courts; if not in the local courts.

share link : ⁣⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/29yUPq

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